Alex's IT101 Web Page

I'm an average guy. I like my electronics, my videogames, and my friends. My major is Information Technology and the fact that it can incorporate all of these things is awesome. I mostly enjoy working with computer hardware, having built a total of 5 computers and breaking down countless others. In my spare time I like to hangout with friends, be it online or at the NJIT Campus Center. I am a member of ACM, albeit not fully active due to not having a lot of time to spare.

Before coming to NJIT I previously lived in a small town called Woodbridge. At my highschool, I took both Computer Science and Web Design. I'm pretty sure I've actually learned more in these two subject during my few months here at NJIT than the two years I devoted to them back in high school. So far, I've had a great time here at NJIT. I hope that my future years here are just as great as this one.

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