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Lisa Axe
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  • EnE 360 Fundamentals of Water and Wastewater Treatment 3 credits

Introduction to physical, chemical, and biological processes in water and wastewater treatment. The first part of the course introduces the basic physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms. The second half of the course applies these mechanisms to specific processes in water and wastewater treatment. Prerequisite: Chem 125 and junior standing.

  • EnE 663 Chemistry for Environmental Engineers 3 credits

Understand and model chemical processes in the aquatic environment. Prerequisite: two semesters of undergraduate general chemistry.

  • EnE 620 Environmental Chemodynamics 3 credits

The objective of this course is to introduce students to concepts, mechanisms, and models used to describe the transport of chemicals in the environment. Prerequisites: two semesters of undergraduate general chemistry and two semesters of calculus.

  • EnE 760 Applied Environmental Soil Chemistry 3 credits

Understanding of physical and chemical processes occurring in soils. Emphasis in current research of the subsurface environment. Prerequisite: EnE 663, Math 651 or equivalent.


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