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Lisa Axe
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Lisa Axe’s research interests are in biogeochemical processes in environmental systems. Research activities in her group include studies on contaminant speciation, mobility, bioavailability, transport, and fate. In studying natural attenuating processes and developing novel treatment systems, Dr. Axe’s group has produced and investigated nanostructured, microporous iron and manganese oxide coatings on silica, clay, and more recently biofilms. Her group employs a suite of complementary techniques to, for example, fundamentally understand and model molecular mechanisms that can then be included in modeling treatment and/or natural processes. One such method is X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) where speciation, distribution, and sorption mechanisms are being investigated in contaminated systems as well as in potentially stabilized, treated sediments.




Dredged Sediments and the Impact of Their Reuse in Stabilized Phosphate: An Assessment of Process Optimization and Contaminant Speciation in the Resultant Product


06/06/05 to 06/05/08

Sustainable Green Manufacturing Program, U. S. Army


Modeling Contaminant Transport and Fate

09/01/01 to 12/31/03

Sustainable Green Manufacturing Program, U. S. Army


Corrosion Prediction and Characterization Techniques


09/01/02 to 12/31/03

NSF Bioengineering and Environmental Systems


GOALI: Adsorption Competition in Soils


08/01/01 to 07/31/05

DuPont Young Professor Grant


Adsorption Competition on Iron Oxides 07/01/00 to 06/30/04

DuPont Educational Aid Program 1999-2000 Grant


Competition of Calcium, Nickel, and Zinc Sorption to Goethite

07/01/99 to 6/30/00

NSF Bioengineering and Environmental Systems, POWRE


Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Understand and Model Contaminant Distribution


10/01/97 to 03/31/00

Sustainable Green Manufacturing Program, U. S. Army


Life Cycle Environmental Impact

09/01/97 to 08/31/01

Sustainable Green Manufacturing Program, U. S. Army


X-Ray Absorbing/Scattering Structural Characterization 

09/01/97 to 08/31/02

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