NJIT Math 222 Spring 2019

Prof. John Bechtold, Course Coordinator

Prof. Matthew Michal, Assistant Coordinator

The syllabus is the most important thing!

Background Material

Welcome to Math 222. Make sure that the material in these three files doesn't seem too foreign to you.


MATLAB is available in most campus computer labs or for downloading to your personal computer at the IST Sofware Downloads page

For help using MATLAB, talk to your instructor or to a MATLAB TA. These are math graduate students who work in the PC labs a few hours a week. See link for details.

Math tutoring center

Drop in at your convenience or make a 1-on-1 or group appointment on their website njit.simplybook.me.

Exams from past semesters

Warning: Different coordinators may add or remove topics from the syllabus from year to year, or place different value as to what material is most important. In addition, the exam schedule varies slightly each semester, so what might appear on Exam 2 last semester could be on Exam 1 this time. In general, the homework on the syllabus is your best guide.

The math department hosts old exams here

In addition, here are the exams that were given in the fall 2017 semester.

Prof. Young has additional old exams here.

Supplementary material for Chapter 10

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