New Jersey Business Force at NJIT: an Overview

Mission Statement: The New Jersey Business Force (NJBF) at New Jersey Institute of Technology seeks to improve and strengthen the capacity of New Jersey, FEMA Region 2 and our business partners in preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters of magnitude through a dynamic partnership triad comprising academia, private sector entities and government.

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Background: The NJBF evolved from a Business Executives for National Security initiative following the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The ultimate goal was to strengthen homeland security through proactive Public-Private partnerships. The creation of the NJBF represented a strategy for marshalling Private Sector assets and capabilities to support all phases of emergency management particularly in the aftermath of terrorism. When judiciously mobilized, Private Sector assistance can help redress Public Sector shortfalls during major crises. With established two-way communications channels in place, NJBF members are now adopting an all-hazards approach featuring resiliency and joint survivability.

Programmatic Emphasis: The NJBF has moved beyond its initial charge of building Public-Private partnerships and is promoting resiliency among diverse business communities. Business helping business is the next-step effort and an end state sought through a convergence of programmatic synergies.
  • Engage local, state and national officials in a growing two-way dialogue
  • Further hone and refine the Business Emergency Operations Center SM (BEOC) construct
    • The first operational test was staff support and subject matter expertise provided to Denver's business community during the 2008 Democratic National Convention
  • Pursue connectivity with other private sector organizations across the state, region and nation
  • Conduct and participate in exercises, experimentation and symposia
  • Encourage and promote health emergency planning including Pandemic Flu preparedness
  • Maintain active participation on county, state, regional and national committees and councils.

Near-Term BEOC Goals: The NJBF membership, through the Business Emergency Operations Center SM Governance Committee, is committed to expanding the BEOC initiative across the Philadelphia and New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Regions. This expansion is occurring nationwide as well as through our membership in the Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection Regional Consortium Coordinating Council (RC3). Our near-term goals include:
  • Increase information sharing with Public Sector agencies and among private sector entities
    • Information technologies become "force multipliers" for achieving situational awareness
  • Determine what the private sector needs to know during disasters and when
  • Serve as a touch point for private sector resources and volunteer mobilization/management
  • Build self-sufficiency through collaboration, cooperation and exchanges of best practices
  • Help answer the question, "How long will we be on our own in a disaster?"

Benefits of NJBF Membership
  • Advantages of cross-sector linkage
    • Fosters information sharing and common operating pictures
    • Creates awareness of supply chain interdependencies and vulnerabilities
  • Improved private sector coordination and support during major events
    • Members receive a user ID on the NC4 ESA system and information sharing portal
  • Enhanced employee protection which lessens the demands placed on state and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) during disasters and emergencies
  • Help enable companies to resume operations sooner through greater self-reliance
    • Preserve reputation and image
  • A primary goal is informed decision-making
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