Collaborative Learning Through Assessment (CLASS) – Goals and Further Details

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CLASS is a framework designed to create learning opportunities and increase student motivation for learning through active participation in the entire Problem Life Cycle (PLC; see left )

Traditionally, students are only engaged during the problem solving stage. However, CLASS incorporates learning approaches such as problem-based learning, feedback, peer-assessment and self-assessment through allowing students to participate in each of the PLC stages.

In short, students not only solve problems, actively engage in creating the problems, grading solutions from fellow students, and optionally disputing grades, in which case they must grade their own solutions with written justifications.

CLASS manages the process and frees instructors to focus on mentoring students where most helpful. Instructors can customize and add additional tasks as appropriate for each activity. CLASS thus provides a flexible environment for engaging their students in assignments, quizzes and other kinds of activities.

For more information contact the CLASS team at NJIT.