Dr. Denis Blackmore

Department of Mathematical Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982
Tel: 973-596-3495
FAX: 973-596-5591
E-mail: deblac@m.njit.edu

Denis Blackmore is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology(NJIT). He is a founding member of the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics, a member of the Center for Manufacturing Systems and a member of the Particle Technology Center, all at NJIT. While conducting his own research in dynamical systems and differential topology, he has also devoted considerable time to collaborative research in various engineering and science disciplines, some of which has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research. His research in manufacturing science, fractal surface characterization, vortex breakdown, granular flow dynamics, metrology, biomathematics and his current work in swept volumes reflects his interests in applications of mathematics.

Professor Blackmore received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1971 from the Polytechnic University of New York. He also received an M.S. in Mathematics in 1966 and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the same institution. His research as a senior undergraduate and graduate student was in the areas of boundary layer theory in fluid mechanics and the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations. He was a Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences during the 1989-90 academic year.

In recognition for his work in differential equations and dynamical systems, Dr. Blackmore was invited in 1988 to give a series of lectures at the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, China and several universities in X'ian and Guangzhou. Recently, he was invited back to China to lecture on dynamical systems at the Nankei Institute, and has been invited to work with dynamical systems experts( including Mel'nikov and Prykarpatsky ) in Russia and Ukraine.

Dr. Blackmore organized the 834th Meeting of the American Mathematical Society held at NJIT in April, 1987. He has also organized numerous seminars and colloquia in the mathematical sciences, and served on the organizing committee of the 1992 Japan-USA Symposium on Flexible Automation. Recently, he organized a minisymposium on ''Integrable Dynamical Systems and Their Applications'' for the 1995 International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Hamburg, Germany.

He is a member of the National Honor Societies Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi. In addition to his research, for which he received the Harlan Perlis Research Award from NJIT in 1993, Dr. Blackmore is devoted to instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate level and has won several awards for his teaching. He has developed perhaps a dozen graduate and undergraduate courses and was a contributor to the development of the Ph.D. program in mathematical sciences( a joint NJIT - Rutgers/Newark program ) of which he is currently the director.

CAD/CAM Related Publications

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Some Recent Publications

1. ''The integrability of Lie-invariant geometric objects generated by ideals in the Grassmann algebra'' (with Y. Prykarpatsky and R. Samulyak), J. Nonlin. Math. Phys. 5 (1998), 54-67.
2. ''Fractal analysis of height distributions of anisotropic rough surfaces''(with G. Zhou), Fractals 6 (1998), 43-58.
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14. "A generalized Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem with applications to coaxial vortex ring motion" (with J. Champanerkar and C. Wang), Disc. and Contin. Dyn. Systems-B (in press).
15. "A geometrical approach to quantum holonomic computing algorithms" (with A. Samoilenko, Y. Prykarpatsky, U. Taneri and A. Prykarpatsky), Math. and Computers in Simulation (in press)

Projects in Manufacturing Automation

(1) Analysis and Representation of Swept Volumes: We developed characterizations of swept volumes of general piecewise-smooth objects in terms of trajectories of differential equations that we call the sweep differential equation(SDE) and the sweep-envelope differential equation(SEDE). Both SDE and SEDE based methods have been applied to solve real world problems in NC machining, robot motion planning and virtual design and manufacturing.
(2) Swept Volume Algorithms and Software: Using SDE and SEDE theory as a framework, we developed fast, efficient and robust algorithms for computing and graphically representing swept volumes. These algorithms are being used to create computer software that can be interfaced with commercial software in order to obtain more useful software for a variety of manufacturing applications.


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Projects in Computational Topology