CS 786: Mobile Cloud Computing, Fall 2014

Fridays, 6pm-9:05pm, CKB 212


  Cristian Borcea
  Office: GITC 4409
  Phone: 973 596-3662
  Office Hours: Mondays, 5pm-7pm



Short description

This is a research-intensive course that provides students with the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of mobile cloud computing, which is a very new direction in computer science that tries to facilitate novel or improved mobile applications and services with help from the cloud infrastructure. This objective will be achieved through substantial readings, critical discussions, and participation in a research project. The course format will resemble a graduate-level reading seminar combined with a research lab meeting. The topics to be covered include: introduction to mobile computing, introduction to cloud computing, mobile app offloading, cloudlets, mobile distributed computing, sensing and Internet of Things supported by the cloud, mobile computing support at the system, networking and cloud level, and privacy in the cloud.


CS 656 and CS 643. Students who don't have the prerequisites should talk with the instructor to see if their background is satisfactory.

Reading, presenting, and discussing research papers

There is no book required for this class. Each lecture is based on several research papers covering a specific topic. Students are required to read the papers and submit summaries before the class. Each student will present and lead the discussion for several papers during the semester. The instructor will moderate the discussions of the assigned papers. Students are required to read the papers and submit summaries before the class. The papers will be posted at least one week prior to the class.


The students will work in groups of 3 or 4 on designing applications, API, and potentially new architectural features for the NSF-funded Avatar project. This is a design project that will offer students the opportunity to discuss and experiment with new ideas in a well-defined framework provided by the Avatar project. Implementation is welcome, but not required.



Week Topic Readings
1 Course overview. Introduction to mobile computing. Introduction to cloud computing. Slides.
2 Introduction to Mobile Cloud Computing and the Avatar project.
3 Offloading mobile apps to the cloud. Project groups formed.
4 Cloudlets.
5 Mobile distributed computing and the cloud I. Discussion of Avatar applications ideas.
6 Mobile distributed computing and the cloud II.
7 Mobile sensing and the cloud. Avatar application presentations.
8 Internet of Things and the cloud. First attempt to define a common Avatar API.
9 Software Defined Networking for wireless networks.
10 Networking in mobile cloud computing. Avatar application presentations using the common Avatar API.
11 Cloud systems for mobile computing I. Final Avatar API.
12 Cloud systems for mobile computing II.
13 Privacy in the cloud.
14 Final Avatar application presentations.

Honor Code

The NJIT Honor Code will be upheld, and any violations will be brought to the immediate attention of the Dean of Students.

Modifications to Syllabus

This is a new class, and slight modifications to the syllabus are to be expected. However, the students will be consulted and must agree to any modifications or deviations from the syllabus throughout the course of the semester.