Chao Cheng

Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Advisor: Prof. Lou Kondic

CFSM group: Complex Flows and Soft Matter

About me

I am currently in the fifth year of my Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

My Ph.D. research focuses on MD simulations of dense granular material and topological data analysis, which is a novel method to describe the complex force network evolution of various granular system behaviors. My main research area involves stick-slip behaviors and jamming-unjamming transitions of granular systems.

I am currently working on simulating 2D and 3D stick-slip behaviors in sheared granular systems. To process simulation data, we extract the relevant information about the interparticle forces and analyze the force networks. We compute classical physical measures, such as pressure, anisotropy, etc., or geometrical properties, such as average contact number, slipping contact ratio and so on. Furthermore, we can apply persistence homology to force networks to extend our understanding of the dynamics of force networks.

Outside of my research area, I am also interested in quantitative analysis in the financial industry and applications of machine learning.

Location: Cullimore Hall 515, University Heights, Newark, NJ


CV: Curriculum Vitae


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