Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Laboratory
Department of Biomedical Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology



Dr. Cho's Laboratory:

Tissue culture hood, CO2 incubator, Fluorescent microscope, Steam sterilizer, Refrigerated centrifuge, Microcentrifuge, -80 Freezer, Water bath, Liquid nitrogen cryotank, Lyophilizer, Chemical fume hood, Lab oven, Dessicator, Analytical balance, Hot plate stirrer, Vortexer, Shaker, pH meter, Refrigerator, Deionized water, Digital camera, Image analysis software

Departmental Equipments:

Micoplate spectrophotometer, fluorometer, Instron mechanical tester, FT-IR, Fluorescent microscope, Tissue culture hood, CO2 incubator, Centrifuges, Steam sterilizer

Additional equipments are available at individual research laboratories. Major equipment include tissue culture facilities, confocal microscopes, RT-PCR, thermal cycler, electrospinning machine, rheometer, and DSC thermal analyzer.

Core Equipments:

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Tunnel Electron Microscope (TEM), and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) core facility are available in the York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science at NJIT. BioMEMS core facility is available in the Microelectronics Fabrication Center at NJIT. Animal core facility is available at Rutgers University-Newark (across the street from NJIT), which has a fully-accredited AAALAC animal quarters. Flow cytometer and histology core facility is available in the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, Newark, located in three blocks from NJIT. Microarray core facility is available in Center for Applied Genomics at Public Health Research Institute, located in one block from NJIT.