Liu (SWRL/NJIT)
chang.liu (at)


Distinguished Research Professor
Institute for Space Weather Sciences
Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research
New Jersey Institute of Technology
323 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Phone:  (973) 596-5760  Fax: (973) 596-3617
Office: 403 Tiernan Hall
M. S. in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Aug 2017
Ph. D. in Applied Physics, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Jan 2007

M. S. in Physics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, NJ, Oct 2002
B. S. in Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, Jul 2000

Excellence in Research by Research Professor Award,
College of Science and Liberal Arts, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2017
First Prize of Graduate Division, Second Annual Provost's Student Research Showcase,
New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2006
Studentship Award, American Astronomical Society, Solar Physics Division, 2004 and 2006
Outstanding Graduate of Nanjing University, 2000

Refereed Cross-discipline Papers:
Liu, C., Deng, N., Wang, J. T.L., & Wang, H. 2017, Predicting Solar Flares Using SDO/HMI Vector Magnetic Data Product and Random Forest Algorithm, ApJ, 843, 104 [accompanying site]
Liu, H., Liu, C., Wang, J. T.L., & Wang, H. 2019, Predicting Solar Flares Using a Long Short-term Memory Network, ApJ, 877, 121

Project in charge involving big data handling and processing:
Solar Film Digitization Project

In the News
RHESSI Science Nugget (24 October 2016): Flare-induced Impulsive Sunspot Rotation caught in High Resolution
NJIT Press Release (11 Oct 2016):
The Sun's Coronal Tail Wags its Photospheric Dog

HMI Science Nugget (27 Oct 2014): Surface and Coronal Field Signatures of Implosions in Two Homologous Solar Flares
RHESSI Science Nugget (20 Nov 2006): Ribbon-like hard X-ray source

First-authored Papers (Full List at ADS Public Library):
(19) Liu, C., Lee, J., & Wang, H. 2019,
The Eruption of Outer Spine-Like Loops Leading to A Double-Stage Circular-Ribbon Flare, ApJ, 883, 47
(18) Liu, C.
, Cao, W., Chae, J., Ahn, K., Choudhary, D. P., Lee, J., Liu, R., Deng, N., Wang, J., & Wang, H. 2018, Evolution of Photospheric Vector Magnetic Field Associated with Moving Flare Ribbons as Seen by GST, ApJ, 869, 21
(17) Liu, C., Deng, N., Wang, J. T.L., & Wang, H. 2017, Predicting Solar Flares Using SDO/HMI Vector Magnetic Data Product and Random Forest Algorithm, ApJ, 843, 104 [accompanying website]
(16) Liu, C., Xu, Y., Cao, W., Deng, N., Lee, J., Hudson, H.S., Gary, D.E., Wang, J., Jing, J., & Wang, H. 2016, Flare differentially rotates sunspot on Sun's surface, Nature Communications, 7, 13104 [ADS]
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Liu, C., Deng, N., Liu, R., Lee, J., Wiegelmann, T., Jing, J., Xu, Y., Wang, S. & Wang, H. 2012, Rapid Changes of Photospheric Magnetic Field After Tether-cutting Reconnection and Magnetic Implosion, ApJ Letters, 745, L4
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(4) Liu, C., Lee, J., Gary, D. E. & Wang, H. 2007, The Ribbon-Like Hard X-Ray Emission in a Sigmoidal Solar Active Region, ApJ Letters, 658, L127 (Also see RHESSI Science Nuggets #40; RHESSI's Tenth Anniversary)
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Other Selected Refereed Papers (Full List at ADS Public Library):
(51) Wang, H., Liu, C., Ahn, K., Xu, Y., Jing, J., Deng, N., Huang, N., Liu, R., Kusano, K., Fleishman, G. D., Gary, D. E., Cao, W. 2017, High-resolution observations of flare precursors in the low solar atmosphere, Nature Astronomy, 1, 0085
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Last Updated: June 2019