Chris Mara's NJIT Website

Preferred Email: cm395@njit.edu
Major: Information Technology
Specialization: Network Security

Welcome to my webpage, My name is Chris Mara, I plan on working in the Information Technologies and specializing in cyber security. I enjoy coding anidroid apps and playing around with simple hardware like the Raspberry Pi. After spending my first year as a CS major, I decided to move down to IT as I wasn't a fan of the theory work and prefered just coding programs. I have trouble understanding stuff I don't have any referrence for, because of this I learn more via examples and hands-on work. In terms of coding experience, I just got into it a year ago. I know HTML, Python, and Java, but plan on learning C++ as well some other scripting languages.

Like pretty much all the other students in the YWCC I like playing video games in my down time. I listen to chill music almost all the time as it helps me concentrate when I can feel my mind wandering off. In terms of hobbies, I skateboard and snowboard, both of which I got into from my brothers. I also tend to go hiking from time to time, I like going to Sandy Hook to see the old WWII bunkers. When things start feeling routine, I'll play paintball or airsoft depending on who's available.