Nancy W. Coppola

ENG 356    Technical Writing in Distributed Environments


Instructor Dr. Nancy W. Coppola, Associate Professor, Humanities Department, College of Science and Liberal Arts

Director, Master of Science in Professional and Technical Communication

New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102-1982


fax 973.642.4689

Office                   Cullimore Hall, Room 408

Office Hours          Onsite Office Hour in 408 Cullimore: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 - 2:00

                           Online Office Hour in WebCT Chat: Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Course Goals





Course Materials













Course Procedure

  • to develop skills in accommodating technology, science, and human values to an intended audience

  • to develop proficiencies in analyzing a communication situation and designing a response

  • to improve research, writing, speaking, and thinking abilities in technology transfer


  1. UCID/WebCT login

  2. Computing Guide at NJIT.

  3. Required Text:          Anderson, Paul.  Technical Communication: A Reader's Guide. 5th edition. Thomson-Heinle. ISBN 0-1550-7421-0. 2003

Available through these online sources:

NJIT Bookstore

Publisher's website

4. Textbook Companion Website   

5. In addition to the minimum computer system requirements, you need software that includes word processing and web composition tools. You will also need Microsoft Visio. Visio and the Microsoft software suite are available free to students, downloadable under "software" at

6. You will need to access the course from a computer that is not behind a firewall. Accesses to WebCT and to synchronous chat are often prevented by many companies' security policies. Please check with your company if you plan to access this course from work.

  1. Read ENG356 Welcome and Syllabus

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  3. Follow instructions for obtaining WebCT/UCID login

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  5. Once you have logged in to WebCT with your UCID, ENG 356 should be one of the courses available on the MyWebCT page

  6. Click on ENG 356, enter the course, and follow the instructions on the course homepage.