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Dept of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Tel: (201) 596-3654 New Jersey Institute of Technology Fax: (201) 596-3652 Martin Luther King Blvd. e-Mail: Newark, NJ 07102



In general my research is concerned with methods for better product design and the more efficient operation of manufacturing systems. Within this general area the focus is on three specific areas: (i) Design for Manufacturability, (ii) Flexible Manufacturing, and (iii) Manufacturing Scheduling and Control Systems. A brief discussion of my research in each area follows:

  • Design for Manufacturability - The objective of my research is to develop a new procedure to estimate the manufacturability of a design from both a quality perspective and a productivity perspective. Initial work was recently completed and we have proposed a scheme which identifies and then quantifies classes of defects, specific defects, influencing factors and factor variables. Funding for this work is being provided by a three year grant from the National Science Foundation. Interest in the work has also been shown by Becton Dickinson & Co., and General Motors. We plan to extend this project in the DFX area by addressing flexibility and environmental issues.

  • Flexible manufacturing - The objective of my research is to develop concepts and tools, which would permit practicing engineers to analyze and design flexible manufacturing solutions. Specifically we have developed a flexibility measurement scheme which enables a facility to evaluate the necessary, capability, and actual flexibility levels. This is a completely new concept in FMS measurement and overcomes the confusion of previous schemes. Further, we have developed a five step process for identification, specification and application of flexibility solutions. Funding for the work was provided by a grant from the Becton Dickinson Foundation.

  • Manufacturing Scheduling and Control - The objective of my research is to develop scheduling methodologies which are applicable in a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) environment. Specifically we have developed aggregate scheduling models, master scheduling models, shop floor control models, and CIM design models. Our most ambitious project in this area is the development of MRP3, a finite capacity version of the MRP-II system. We plan to have a working MRP3 system by end of this year. Funding for the work was provided by grants from Drakes Bakeries, Cooperheat Inc., New Jersey Commission of Science & Technology, Allied Signal Corporation, and AT&T Shreveport Works.


    My work has been published in several journals including, International Journal of Production Research , Intl. Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, International Journal of Production Planning & Control, International Journal of Production Economics, Omega - International Journal of Management Science, NJIT Research Journal, International Journal of CIM, and IIE Transactions.

    Papers on the above research areas have been presented at several conferences including: Industrial Engineering Research Conference Proceedings, NSF Design & Manufacturing Grantees Conference, ASME Japan-USA Symposium on Flexible Automation, International Conference on CARS & FoF, Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference.



    The research in the above subjects has been sponsored by many organizations, and we are grateful to them all. Current and past sponsors include:



  • Prashanth Nagendra, "MRP3: A Finite Capacity MRP Scheduling Algorithm with Shop Floor Control," September 1994. (Presently Assistant Professor at Indiana University at Pennsylvania)
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