It's been a fun few years, good luck with your finals!
Fall 2017 notes can be found here.

SIG Linux Notes

Date Overview Presentation
February 2, 2018 What is Linux? & Project Ideas for this semester Download | Project Ideas
February 9, 2018 Begin Arch Linux Install ArchWiki Installation Guide
February 16, 2018 Arch Linux Install Take 2 ArchWiki Installation Guide
February 23, 2018 Qubes OS Download
March 2, 2018 Linux Backups Download
March 9, 2018 Linux Encryption Download
March 23, 2018 Raspberry Pi + pihole Visit pihole website
April 6, 2018 iodine & hardware devices Download
April 13, 2018 Linux + Gaming Download
April 27, 2018 [FINAL MEETING] Shells and scripts Download

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SIG Web Dev Notes

Date Overview Presentation
February 8, 2018 Brainstorm semester project & intro to frontend/backend Notes Pic 1 or Pic 2
If you have another idea, send me an email before the next meeting!
February 15, 2018 Select a project idea & discuss architecture Notes
February 23, 2018 Discuss more about project architecture Notes
March 1, 2018 Discuss more about project architecture Notes
March 8, 2018 Discussed Spotify OAuth authentication. No notes
March 22, 2018 Discussed Spotify OAuth and Firebase. No notes, but Go is cool and check out Firebase
March 29, 2018 Discuss Firebase Check out the Firebase documentation
April 5, 2018 Refactor code, discuss HTTP cookies and sessions, and successfully use Firebase Difference between cookies and sessions
April 12, 2018 Discuss the HTML5 Geolocation API and Firebase, it's scary accurate. Don't enable location access! Check out geohashing, pretty intersting.
April 19, 2018 Firebase + GeoHash, HTML5 Geolocation API, Gin, and comparison algorithm No notes
April 26, 2018 [FINAL MEETING] Go web frameworks + other tech Storm, boltdb, Iris (super fast, awesome web framework), other frameworks, JS asynchronous API

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