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Welcome to my webpage!


Hello, My name is Digna Patel. I'm currently majoring in Information Technology at the New Jersey Institute of technology. I'm a commuter, I travel from Colonia, which is located within Woodbridge Township. So far I despise commuting because it takes almost 3 hours out of my day. The chances of me falling asleep on the train/bus and miss my stop are getting higher as the time goes on.

Below is a bad quality image of an artwork that I did last year for my art class. It's one of my favorite pieces out of all the projects that I did. I also do henna in my free time. My height is 5'1 and I say this because I get too many short people jokes. Usually you'll find me watching videos on youtube and Netflix. My all time favorite fruit is mango and favorite pet animal is a pup.

Sunset and Bridge

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