All Students should be aware that the Department of Mathematical Sciences takes the NJIT Honor code very seriously and enforces it strictly.  This means there must not be any forms of plagiarism, i.e., copying of homework, class projects, or lab assignments, or any form of cheating in quizzes and exams.  Under the Honor Code, students are obligated to report any such activities to the Instructor.


Mathematics 333-002:

probability and statistics

Spring 2007


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    Instructor:  Prof. Dhar

    Textbook:  Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (4th Edition) by Douglas C. Montgomery and George C. Runger; Publisher: John Wiley & Sons © 2007 (Custom Edition); ISBN:  0-471-74589-1

    Software:  To do your homework you can use Data Analysis tools from Microsoft Excel, which is an Add-in in Excel. This tool in Excel is available on all PC labs on campus. You could also use the Web-based statistical software statcrunch (http://www.statcrunch.com/).

    Grading Policy:  The final grade in this course will be determined as follows:

     Homework + Quizzes:



     2 Common Exams:


25% each

     Final Exam:




Please note that the University Drop Date March 26, 2007 deadline will be strictly enforced.




Attendance and Participation:  Students must attend all classes. Absences from class will inhibit your ability to fully participate in class discussions and problem solving sessions and, therefore, affect your grade. Tardiness to class is very disruptive to the instructor and students and will not be tolerated.


Makeup Exam Policy: There will be no makeup exams, except in rare situations where the student has a legitimate reason for missing an exam, including illness, death in the family, accident, requirement to appear in court, etc. The student must notify the Math office and the Instructor that he/she will miss an exam. In all cases, the student must present proof for missing the exam, e.g., a doctor's note, police report, court notice, etc., clearly stating the date AND times.


Cellular Phones:  All cellular phones and beepers must be switched off during all class times.


Weekly Course Material

Week of





Role of Statistics;
Descriptive statistics: stem-and-leaf, histograms, mean, median, variance and standard deviation, boxplots

1.1, 1.3, 1.4
6.1 - 6.4


Probability: sample space, events, interpretations of probability,

2.1 - 2.2

Addition rules and Conditional probability

2.3 - 2.4


Multiplication rules, Bayes' theorem, independence, random variables

2.5 - 2.8


Discrete random variables: probability mass function, probability histogram and cumulative distribution function, mean and variance, Binomial distribution

3.1 - 3.6


Geometric distribution, Poisson random variables, Continuous random variables: pdf and cdf, percentiles, expected values and variance, standard deviation

3.7, 3.9
4.1 - 4.5


Normal distribution; Normal approximation to Binomial and Poisson



Wednesday ~ February 21, 2007:  1st Common Exam
on Chapters 1, 2, and 6


Exponential distribution, "memory-less" property, probability plots

4.8, 6.6


Distribution of the sample mean, the central limit theorem, distribution of the difference of two sample means

7.1, 7.2


SPRING RECESS:  March 12-16, 2007


Confidence interval on the mean of a Normal distribution

8.1 - 8.3


Monday ~ March 26, 2007:  Last Day to Withdraw from this Course

Confidence interval on the variance and standard deviation of a Normal distribution, large sample confidence interval for a population proportion; NO tolerance interval; NO prediction interval

8.4 – 8.6


Wednesday ~ March 28, 2007:  2nd Common Exam
on Chapters 3 and 4


Tests of hypothesis: Type I and II error, one-sided and two-sided hypotheses, P-values


Friday ~ April 6, 2007:  Good Friday - No Classes Scheduled


Tests on the mean of a Normal distribution, Tests on the variance and standard deviation of a Normal distribution

9.2 - 9.4


Tests on the population proportion (large sample)

9.5 - 9.6,


Tests on the difference in the means of two Normal distributions, Paired t-test, Tests on the difference in two population proportions.

10.1 - 10.4,
10.6 – 10.7


Review for FINAL EXAM

Tuesday ~ May 1, 2007:  Classes Follow a Friday Schedule


FINAL EXAM WEEK:  May 3-9, 2007



    Computing Information:  To do your homework you can use Data Analysis tools from Microsoft Excel, which is an Add-in in Excel.  This tool in Excel is available on all PC labs on campus. You could also use the Web-based statistical software statcrunch (http://www.statcrunch.com/).

    Homework & Quiz Policy:  Weekly homework problems from your textbook will be assigned. Some of these assignments may require the use of statistical software for their solution. You must work out not only these problems but also practice similar problems and learn the techniques needed to solve them. The assigned problems will be posted on the web at the address to be announced and also written on the board in class. Every week you will have either a 5-10 minute quiz testing your knowledge on the material covered in class or you will be posting your corresponding assigned homework. Your ten best Homework/Quiz scores will be selected for 20% of your course grade.

    Exams:  There are two common exams for all Math 333 sections and will represent 50% of your course grade. These exams are scheduled on the following Wednesdays:

Exam 1

February 21, 2007

Exam 2

March 28, 2007


The time of the midterm exams is 4:15-5:40pm for daytime students and 5:45-7:10pm for evening students. Daytime students must hand in their exams and wait in class for the last ten minutes. The final exam is also common with other Math 333 sections and it represents 30% of your course grade. The Final exam is scheduled during the week of May 3-9, 2007. You will be given a formula sheet to use during the common exams and the final exam.


    Class Rules, Department and University Policies:  Any complaints regarding grading have to be presented right away after the return of the homework/quiz/exam. For official record purposes, a certain number of exams from each section are photocopied and stored before being returned.

      You must remain in the common exam room for the entire test period (No Exceptions).

      Any one arriving more than 5 minutes after the exam starts will not be allowed in the exam room.

      Please, always bring a statistics calculator to your quizzes, exams and to all the lectures. You are not allowed to bring a calculator that has a visual display.

      Looking into your neighbors’ work during exams is not allowed. Hats, caps, etc., that keep the eyes hidden from the proctor but not from the neighbors work during exams are not allowed during the quizzes and exams.

      Department policy recommends that students refresh themselves before the exam starts. You may not be allowed to refresh yourself during exam hours.

      There will be no make-up exams, quizzes or homework. Late homework is not acceptable. In case of an extenuating circumstance such as illness, etc., proof that can confirm that the excuse is genuine must be produced.

      Attendance at all classes and tests is required. Instructors will maintain a detailed record of your attendance as the administrators need to know the dates you missed classes.

      The use of cell phones, beepers, etc. is not allowed under any circumstances. During exams, any sort of communication devices (internet, palm pilot, etc) are not allowed. You are not allowed to use a cell phone for keeping track of time.

      No eating allowed during the class and exams periods. You are expected to remain in the classroom for the entire class period. Wandering in and out of the classroom is not allowed.

      Please see Mathematical Science Exam Policy.

      Only simple calculators are allowed, which cannot store formulas or notes.

    Free Tutor Assistance Available:   Cullimore Suite 211, see more details below.  The following math 333 instructors can help you with problem solving:




Instructor      Room



5:00 pm  to 6:00 pm 

 Jon Porus                210 F


1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Ari Jain                     210 D


9:30 am to 10:30 am

Sunil Dhar               211 B




Homework Assignments:


Homework for Week 1 will be collected in Week 2.  Homework for EACH of the Weeks:  Week 2, Week 5, Week 8, and Week 11 MUST be submitted via the internet by using Wiley Plus, where the respective time periods for submission are also shown.  For each of the other Weeks (i.e., Weeks: 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, and 13) there will be a QUIZ on the day announced by the Instructor.








Week 1

1/16 – 1/19

Chapter 6:

#8, #16, #28, #38, #52, and #56


Week 2

1/22 - 1/26

Chapter 2:

#68, #72, #76, #81, #84

Wiley Plus

Week 3

1/29 - 2/2

Chapter 2:

#96, #102, #108, #116, #122, #144, #154


Week 4

2/5 - 2/9

Chapter 3:

#10, #18, #26, #36, #46, #50, #59, #68, #76


Week 5

2/12 - 2/16

Chapter 3:

#82, #108, #118;

Wiley Plus



Chapter 4:

#8, #30, #38


Week 6

2/19 - 2/23

Chapter 4:

#46, #54, #64, #66, #72


Week 7

2/26 - 3/2

Chapter 4:

#76, #84, #90, #130;




Chapter 6:

#66, #72, #94


Week 8

3/5 - 3/9

Chapter 7:

#2, #6, #10

Wiley Plus

Week 9

3/12 - 3/16

SPRING RECESS:  March 12-16, 2007

Week 10

3/19 - 3/23

Chapter 8:

#8, #14, #26, #30


Week 11

3/26 – 3/30

Chapter 8:

#42, #46(a, b & c), #48, #52


Week 12

4/2 - 4/6

Chapter 9:

#7, #17, #19, #27

Wiley Plus

Week 13

4/9 - 4/13

Chapter 9:

#30, #42, #44, #56, #64, #68


Week 14

4/16 - 4/20

Chapter 9:

#76, #78, #82


Week 15

4/23 - 4/27

Chapter 10:

#2, #10, #32, #36, #56


Week 16

4/30- 5/1


Study for Final Exam




5/3 - 5/9

FINAL EXAM WEEK:  May 3-9, 2007


Last revised:  January 27, 2007



January 15


MLK Day – No Classes Scheduled

March 26


Last Day to Withdraw from Classes

April 6


Good Friday – No Classes Scheduled

May 1


Classes Follow a Friday Schedule