Math 661-001

Fall 1996 (September 3)

Professor: Dr. S. K. Dhar

Office: Room 327 Cullimore. Extension: 3488

Hours: 11:35 a.m to 12:35 p.m. MW and

Thursday 4 p.m. to 5 p.m (& by appointment)

Text: Statistics for Engineering Problem Solving

by Vardeman Stephen. PWS Publishing Company.

Accompanying software: StataQuest (Stata


Place: University 202

Grade Policy: Exam I and II 25% each, Homework 20%,

Final Exam 30%

Make up: No makeup, except for extenuating

circumstances such as illness, death in the family, etc. and proof is required (doctors

excuse from class etc.).

Course Content and Exam Schedule

Week # (approximately)

1. Engineering Statistics: What and Why, Basic Terminology,

Measurement, Mathematical Models [Chapter 1] Principles

in Collecting Engineering Data, Sampling in Enumerative

Studies [2.1-2.2]

2. Principles for Effective Experimentation, Some Common

Experimental Plans, Preparing to Collect Engineering

Data [2.3-2.5]

3. Computationally Simple Descriptive statistics[Chapter 3]

4. Fitting a line by least Squares, Fitting Curves and

Surfaces by Least Squares [4.1-4.2]

5. Fitted Effects for Factorial Data Structures [4.3]

6. Transformations and Choice of Measurement Scale [4.4]

Exam I, October 10, 1996

7. Discrete and Continuous Random Variables,

Probability Plotting [5.1-5.3] .

8. Joint Distributions and Independence [Chapter 5]

9. Large sample Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests

for Mean One and Two Sample Inference for means [6.1-6.3]

10.One and Two Sample Inference for Variances, Proportions


11.Prediction and Tolerance Intervals [6.6], Exam II,

November 14, 1996

12.The One-Way Normal Model, Simple Statistical Intervals

in Multisample Studies [7.1-7.2],

13.Some Simultaneous Confidence Interval Methods and

Analysis of Variance Methods [7.3-7.4]

14.Control Charts, Basic Inference in Two-Way Factorials

[Chapter 7, 8.1]