Supervision of Research and Graduate Students

Ph.D. Dissertations Completed

  1. M.V. Ranganath, "Knowledge-Based Multi-Grid Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction Techniques for Positron Emission Tomography", Completed 1988. Employed at Bell Labs.

  2. Louis Arata, "Multi-Modality 3D Brain Image Registration and Analysis," Completed, 1992. Employed at Picker International Inc.

  3. Thomas Dufresne, "Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Chord-Tangent Transformation", Completed 1992. Employed at Procter & Gamble.

  4. Charles Peck, "Analysis of Genetic Algorithms From A Global Random Search Method Perspective With Improved Techniques, Completed, 1993. Employed at TASC, Washington DC.

  5. Chih-hi Chao, "Knowledge-Based 3-D Object Recognition from 2-D Images Using Neural Networks", Completed, Dec. 1993. Employed at Videometric, San Francisco.

  6. Sven Loncaric, "Optical Morphological Signature Transform for Shape description and Matching", Completed, Jan. 1994, Faculty at the University of Zagreb.

  7. Prashant Kini, "Non-Invasive Imaging Skin-Lesions for the Detection of Malignancy," Completed, June 1994. Employed at Procter & Gamble.

  8. Alok Sarwal, "Three-dimensional Reconstruction and Analysis of Coronary Angiograms", Completed 1996, Employed at Lockheed, Inc.

  9. Yateen Chitre, "Neural Network Based Mammographic Image Analysis System for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer," Completed, 1996; Employed at Motorola, Inc.

  10. Kevin Wheeler, "Adaptive Learning Using Wavelet and Radial Basis Functions", Completed, 1996, Employed at IBM Almaden Research Center, CA.

  11. Alexender Zavaljevski, "Multispectral Feature Based Target Characterization with Applications in Medical Imaging", Completed 1996, Employed at GE Medical Systems.

  12. Timothy Doniere, "Optimal Multi-Grid EM Reconstruction Algorithm", Completed, 1997, Employed at Siemens Inc.

  13. Suresh Narayan, "Global Shape Model Based Analysis of Multi-Modality Brain Images", Completed, 1997, Employed at GE Medical Systems.

  14. Srinath Maganti, "Three-Dimensional Optical Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Nevoscope Images", Completed 1997, Employed at EG&G, CA.

  15. Amar Raheja, "Multi-Resolution PET Image Reconstruction Through Wavelet Processing" Completed March 1999, Employed as Faculty, University of San Diego.

  16. Wojciech Grohman, "Convex Sets Based Algorithms for Data Analysis and Design of Artificial Neural Networks", Completed 1999, Employed at Chrysler Corp.

  17. Sachin Patwardhan, "Modeling and Simulation of Multispectral Imaging of Skin-Lesions for Detection and Characterization of Melanomas", Completed December 2003, Employed at Washington University at St. Louis.

  18. Shuangshuang Dai, "Adaptive Learning for Event Modeling and Characterization", Completed December 2003, Employed at EPA Center, North Carolina.

Ph.D. Dissertations In Progress

  1. Hongwei Li, "Wavelet-based Dynamic Encryption and Security Protocols", Ph.D. Dissertation, to be completed 2004.

  2. Song Wang, "Registration and Analysis of Mulispectral Medical Images", Ph.D. Dissertation, to be completed 2005.

Master's Theses Supervised

  1. Saurabh Lauria, "Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Based Genetic Algorithms for Global Search Optimization", completed 2000.

  2. Tejaswani Shubhachint, "Wavelet-Based Analysis of Mammographic Microcalcifications", M.S. Thesis, completed December 1999.

  3. Ananda Kumar, "Multispectral Optical Imaging of Skin-Lesions", Completed, 1999.

  4. Christine Bonasso, "GA Based Selection of Mammographic Microcalcification Features For Detection of Breast Cancer", completed June 1995.

  5. M. McInerney, "Training Neural Networks using Hybrids with Genetic Algorithms" completed, 1993.

  6. S. Ramachandran, "Morphological Image Processing and Object Representation," completed July 1990.

  7. Samir Misra, "Knowledge-Based Analysis of CT Chest Scans" completed July 1990.

  8. S. Ann, "Color and Texture Based Segmentation with Applications to Skin-Images," completed March 1989.

  9. Marcus C. Nulsen, "In Intelligent Table-Making Editor Using the TEX", completed 1988.

  10. Htam Hmam, "Geometric Reasoning from Perspective Distortions of 3D Scenes", completed 1988.

  11. Chih-ho Chao, "High-Level Matching for 3D Primitive-Based Object Recognition System," completed 1988.

  12. Eric Le Royer, "Feature Enhancement of Mammographic Images Using Contrast Transform," completed 1987.

  13. Sridhar Juvvadi, "A Knowledge-Based Approach for Interpreting Computerized Tomography (CT) Images," completed 1987.

  14. Himanshu Baxi ,"A Low-Level Image Analysis System," completed 1987.

  15. Nilesh Thakkar, "Intermediate-Level Feature Extraction and Object Representation in a Knowledge-Based Vision System," completed 1987.

  16. Sushma Ghiya, "Intermediate-Level Analysis for Primitive-Based Decomposition of Image Data", completed 1987.

Master's Theses In Progress

  1. Jacob Puthiamadhathil, "Registration of SPECT and Optical Images for Anatomical Localization of Metabolism in Diagnostic Radiology", M.S. Thesis, to be completed 2004.

  2. Manmeet Singh, "Image Analysis of Optical Confocal Microscopy Images of Retina", M.S. Thesis, to be completed 2005.

Senior Projects Supervised

  1. Ron Walvick, Analysis of Nevoscope Images of Skin-Lesions, 2003.

  2. Ketan Patel, Analysis of Nevoscope Images of Skin-Lesions, 2003.

  3. Rizza Balein, Enhancement and Segmentation of Mammograms, 1995-96.

  4. Ron Bruenswick, Analysis of Brain Hemorrhage, 1995-96.

  5. Andy Eloff, Digital CD Sound Editor, Fall, Winter, and Spring, 1994.

  6. Gary Lake, Digital Sound Editor, Fall, Winter, and Spring, 1994.

  7. Iyad Oaiss, Analysis of Epileptic Seizure Focus" Fall, Winter, and Spring, 1994.

  8. Darian Lewis, Image Enhancement, Fall, Winter, and Spring, 1994.

  9. Gene K. Frydel, Analysis of Epileptic Seizure Focus from Neuro-psychological Data, Fall, Winter, and Spring, 1993.

  10. Erik R. Eberhard, Neighborhood Image Processing, Winter and Spring 1990.

  11. Andrew P. Sheehy, Microprocessor Based Enviornment Control, Winter and Spring 1990.

  12. David W. Walthour, Digital Image Restoration, Winter and Spring 1990.

  13. Samir Khanna, Digital Image Processing, 1990.

Research Scholars Supervised

  1. Huang Xueqin, 3-D reconstruction in Nuclear Medicine, 1989-1990.

  2. Martin Zadder, Applications of GA in Graph Matching, 1993.