Dong-Kyun Ko's Research Group
Nanoelectronics and Energy Conversion Lab @ NJIT

Our lab is located in Faculty Memorial Hall, Rm 014

Lab layout:

Our equipment list:

(1) Glovebox #1 (Chem Box)
      : 4-hand glovebox from VTi
      : centrifuge (Z306 Hermle Universal)
      : spin-coater (MTI VT-100A)
      : dip-coater (KSV Nima)

(2) Glovebox #2 (Fab Box)
      : 4-hand glovebox from VTi
      : Mantis HEX-GB thermal evaporator (2-source, integrated with glovebox)
      : custom probe-station (integrated with glovebox)
(3) Schlenk Manifold Setup
      : from Chemglass
(4) UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer
     : Stellarnet (RW-NIRX-SR and BLK-CXR, 280 - 2300nm)
(5) T-dependent Electrical Resistivity Measurement System
   T-dependent Hall Effect Measurement System
      : MMR four-probe chamber
      : H5000 Hall measurement system (0.5T magnet)
      : K2000 temperature controller
      : Agilent 4155A semiconductor parameter analyzer
      : can be integrated with Glovebox #2
(6) T-dependent Seebeck Measurement System
      : MMR SB1000
      : K2000 temperature controller
      : can be integrated with Glovebox #2
(7) In-plane Thermal Diffusivity Measurement System
      : Angstrom's method, home-made system
(8) Infrared Optoelectronic Testing Station
     : Avatar 370 FTIR with modification
      : MMR low temperature chamber with ZnSe or MgF2 window
      : Newport 67030 calibrated blackbody radiation source
      : SR830 lock-in amplifier, SR570 low-noise current preamplifier, SR760  
        spectrum analyzer
      : Optical chopper and filters (Ge longpass, various Fabry-Perot bandpass)
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