Deomar Lamas

Hello my name is Deomar I am currently pursuing a career in Information Technology at NJIT. I was first interested in Information Technology when I took my very first Cisco Class my junior year in high school. This is where I learned all the fundamentals involving the computers hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Am a junior and currently focusing on network security because of my curiosity and passion involving programming and hacking. I plan on focusing my attention to the aspect of networking as well as learning couple of scripting languages as PHP,Ruby,and JavaScript which are essential scripting languages to know about in order to be a candiate for a job in my field.

My other interest outside of my major is sports. Am always up to speed with all the major sports in the U.S whether is NBA, NFL, MLB, or even the NHL I know everything that is happening. For example, if player changed to a new team in their respective off-season or rumors about being traded to a new team because the following player doesn't want to be a part of their current team. I pretty much follow it all and I enjoy researching and finding out breaking news about pretty much anything involving any major sport. But basketball is my main sport and I'm really passionate about it because I used to play back in my Junior year in High School I had some great moments and good times playing the sport I really love until this day. My favorite team is the New York Knicks even though their are not playing well as of late I still love them no matter what.

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