Danny Meiss' Webpage

Hello, I came to NJIT as a student who is majoring in Information Technology pursuing to have a job around structural knowledge and context. I am a self-motivated individual who might go up against roles to determine issues to progress. I greatly respect my family, friends, and others where I am aware of their actions to have better experiences with them. Passively, I enjoy street biking, watching movies, and listening to music during my freetime. I also enjoy playing PC games, sometimes gaming consoles and have started gaming since early childhood.

I became interested with innovation dealing business and software. Going to college to apply those ideas into training makes me assured of the learning I can take progress of. Since childhood, I played around with the PC and operational gear, for example, telephones, media players, and TVs to comprehend their motivations, how they capacity and discover answers for errors. I ended up plainly enthusiastic to gather around individuals who have fundamentally the same as interests to talk about our considerations more so than before. I assimilate to peruse articles on the headways of worldwide science and technological advancements.

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