Analog Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 650

Spring 2003


George Georgiou

Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories


Text: Johns and Martin, Analog Integrated Circuit Design (John Wiley 1997)

Additional Material: Grey and Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits

(John Wiley, 4th edition, 2000)


Grading Policy:

Homework: 20%

Quizes (2): 10% (pop, taken from homework problems)

Midterm: 20%

Design Project: 20%

Final: 30%


Average Grade: B-



Week Topic

1                                            Introduction HSPICE, Cadence simulation (Prof. D. Misra)

2                                            Small Signal and Large Signal Device models (MOS and Bipolar)

3                                            Models (continued), Analog Layout considerations

4                                            Current mirrors

5                                            Single-stage amplifiers

6                                            Operational Amplifier Basics

7                                            Operational Amplifier Compensation

8                                            Midterm

9                                            Noise Analysis and Modeling

10                                        Comparators, PROJECT ASSIGNED

11                                        Data Converters (Analog to Digital A/D, Digital to Analog D/A)

12                                        Advanced Current Mirrors

13                                        Advanced Op-Amps

14                                        Summary, PROJECT DUE

15                                        Final


Major emphasis on Analytical understanding.


Homework (1/22/03):

Start reading Chapter 1 (Johns and Martin)

Read Handoutat on SPICE device models for:

Diode (D), MOSFFET (M) and Bipolar Transistor (Q)