My name is David Ramirez and I am an IT major. This is my first semester at NJIT. I transferred from Bergen Community College. The transition was very different, NJIT certainly has more degree programs and students attending. I have to take the parkway north instead of south to get home but traffic is way heavier on the north bound. I plan on being here at NJIT for another 2 and a half years and hope to find a job where I can put skills to use.

I like playing video games on the side, my main focus is school of course. The new Overwatch game from Blizzard Entertainment is my favorite and the most fun game I played in a while. I also like to play Rainbow Six Seige which I'm not very good at, I mainly play against AI but I do enjoy watching the competitive side on it. Those are the main two games I plan on a weekly basis but I do occasionally play others. I am waiting for black friday hopefully big discounts will role out. I am one of those people that can wait to buy something in order to avoid paying full retail price.

Heres a random picture of the Milky Way :)

Milky Way

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