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About Me

Hey there, welcome to my first amateur website. I've always wondered what goes into creating a website, but never realized that even the most simple animations that are the norm in commercial websites, require some complex coding. I am an IT major at NJIT with a minor in Computer Science, and I love everything tech. My love for technology is almost on par with my love for urban wear, specifically sneakers. Unfortunately, anybody who has a love for sneakers in this day and age, will know how difficult it is to acquire the hot sneaker that everybody has their eyes on. Back in the day, if you wanted a specific sneaker, you would camp outside your local sneaker shop overnight and buy your sneaker in the morning. Now, in today's digital age, most sneakers are put on sale online, and quickly sell out. The quick sell out time is all thanks to Sneaker Bots.


Sneaker bots are programs that quickly add your desired sneaker, pick your size from your desired website the second its available for purchase, and checks it out for you. This whole process is done in seconds, faster than humanly possible. These bots have ruined the sneaker love buy leaving everybody else with sold out notifications, and flooding ebay with inflated prices for said sneakers on the secondary market. My goal is to one day, be able to build a sneaker bot of my own, and out perform the other users who buy a sneaker bot license. Play fire with fire.