ST: Applied Optics - Phys 780


GRADES and Logbook of Assignments: SECTION 001

Home work Solutions: WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4, WK5-6, WK7, WK8, WK9-10, WK11, WK12-13

Mid-Term Exam Equation Sheet


Midterm Solutions

Lecture Notes (PDF or PPT format)
Week1-Ray optics, Week1-animation, Week1-ppt, Week2-Matrix Ray Optics, Week2-ppt, Week3-wave Optics part 1, Week3-figs-ppt, Week 4, Week4-figs, Week 5,Week 6, Week5-6-figs,
Week 7, Week7-animations, Week8, Week8-figs-ppt,
Week9, week9-10-animations, Week10, Week11, Week11-figs, Week12, Week12 - figs, Week 13, Week13-figs