PHYSICS 111 Section 014, 016 COURSE WEB PAGE

Spring 2014

Course Outline Spring 2014

This web page contains course notes, extra problems, practice exams etc. for Prof. Federici's Section

Grades: Spring 2014 Sections 014, 016

Prof. John Federici,, Office: 474 Tiernan, Lab: B15 Tiernan, 973-596-8482
Office Hours: Weds. 1-2pm or by appointment

TUTORING AVAILABLE:  Tutoring is available through the  CAPE center as well as through the Physics Department.

Tutoring through the Physics Department is available according to the schedule below

TA: Phil Lo,
FRIDAYS 11:30-2:30pm   ROOM 409 Tiernan

MONDAYS 2:30-5:30pm Room 409 Tiernan EXCEPT weeks that we have common exams. For the weeks that we have common exams, instead of Monday (when we have the exam), tutoring will be available the Saturday BEFORE the exam from noon-3pm, also in Room 409Tiernan.

Undergraduate TA: Lucas Lamb,
Mondays Noon-2pm and Thursdays 10AM-1pm in Tiernan 401

Undergraduate TA: Griffin Snyder,
Sunday from 6pm-9pm - Faculty 408
Tuesday 10am-2pm - Faculty 314
Wednesday 9am-12pm - 409 Tiernan

Solutions for Spring 2014 Exams: Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3

OPTIONAL REVIEW FOR Final Exam: Tues 5/6 2:30-4pm Tiernan 409; Weds 5/7 9-10:30AM Tiernan 409; Weds 5/7 1-2:30PM Tiernan 409

Final Exam: 5/9/2014, 8:30-11AM, KUPF 211

Common Exam 1 Equation Sheet: click here

Common Exam 2 Equation Sheet: click here

Common Exam 3 Equation Sheet : click here

FINAL EXAM Equation Sheet: click here

Lecture Notes (PDF FORMAT unless otherwise specified):

Week 1-Vectors Week1-PPT, Week 2 - 1D motion, WK2-ppt, Week3 - 2D motion, Wk3-ppt, Week 4- Laws of Motion, wk4-PPT, Week 5 - Friction/ Circular motion, wk5-ppt, Week 6-Work/KE, wk6-ppt, Week 7 - PE, wk7-ppt, Week 8-Momentum, wk8-ppt, Week 9-Rotation, wk9-ppt, Week 10-Torque, wk10-ppt, Week 11-Static Equil, wk11-ppt, Week 12-Fluids, wk12-ppt, Week13-Gravitation, wk13-ppt, Week14-Oscillatory motion, wk14-ppt

Fall 2013 Exam Solutions: Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3

Practice exams for COMMON 1 and Common 2: FALL2013, COMMON2 practive-Fall2013, practice 1, practice 1 solutions, Fall 02 exam2, Fall 02-friction, energy and power, Fall 05 exam2, Fall 09, Fall 09key, Fall 09-CE2,  Spring 11 exam 1, spring 11 exam 2, spring 11-energy, friction, power

Spring 2013 Common Exam Solutions: exam1, exam2, exam3

Extra MC problems for Exam 2: supplement A, Supplement B, Supplement C

Practice exams for Common 3: NEW FALL2013, exam3-practiceA, exam3-practiceB Multiple Choice answers long problem solutions

Practice Exams for Final: Fall 2013, PRACTICE-Fall2013, Another Practice-Fall2013, Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Practice Final A, Practice Final B,

Please note: the covered material on previous exams and on Practice exams MAY OR MAY not be the some material covered on this years exams.

Also look at other Phys 111 instructors' web pages for additional practice problems.