The two sections of this course (102, 852) share a common syllabus.
Section 102 meets Thursdays 6-9 p.m. Mall PC Lab 38; Section 852 is Distance Learning.
All students will be issued a WebCT account for the course;
both sections of the course will use the same WebCT space.
s  y  l  l  a  b  u  s
[ This is an active course web:  check for updates,
and please report any non-functional links ]
The purpose of this course is to help you build new understandings of hypertext concepts and programming through invention, cultivation and implementation of ideas via the computer.

You will work at your own skill-level, and to suit your own interests.  In the current historical and creative moment, the WWW is the most convenient hypertext platform.  Since there are other programs and avenues for hypertext, however, you are not limited to creating Web-based documents.

Class meetings (face-to-face, FTF) will generally consist of discussions about course materials, and as a studio environment for students to develop and practice their skills, work on assignments and discuss ideas and technical problems one-on-one in the lab.  Distance Learning (DL) students are required to discuss their impressions, ideas, and questions using the WebCT bulletin board and, on occasion, WebCT CHAT.  For more info on WebCT.

Since this is a STUDIO class, it is hoped that students will in advance have some idea of the types of projects they wish to put together.

Grades will be determined via this formula:  Project One = 20% | Project 2 = 40% | Active participation in class discussions/process throughout the semester = 40%