OCTOBER 2002 / Interpoesia / Chris Funkhouser

10 October
Attended exhibition opening for Ben Polsky’s “Site Unseen” at Sharadin Art Gallery at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania , Kutztown, Pennsylvania  | Depart for Brasil.

11 October
Arrived in Rio de Janeiro after layover in São Paulo.  “MOBY – DICK” lecture and performance at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro , sponsored by the Departamento Cultural, Instituto de Letras, and Núcleo de Estudo de Artes e Cultura Contemporãnea.  Hosted by Professors Sheila Cabo (Goeldi:  Modernidade Extraviada) and Victor Hugo Adler Pereira.  My new interactive (ergodic) cyberpoem, “ MOBY - DICK ,” programmed by George Taylor, was launched at this event.  Performed MOO writing (“Vortex talks…”) and poetry with images, video and sound (“Barakacrostics”, “COUNT-TRANCE”); soundtracks by CF and Holland Hopson/James Keepnews (from cd hunting and gathering ).

12 October
Visit to Niterói to see the Museu de Arte Contemporânea , designed by Oscar Neimeyer (1996), with Prof. Sheila Cabo, then to Santa Teresa.  Meeting (in Lapa and Leblon) with Andre Vallias (“Verses”, “IO”, organizer of pOes1e-digitale Dichtkunst 1992), new media poet, graphic designer, and Webmaster for Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso (see http://refazenda.com.br ).

13 October
Meeting with Katia Maciel (producer, O Presente é um Momento infinitamente curto…â Obra de Artur Barrio cd-rom) and Andre Parente (O Virtual e O Hipertextual ), professors and hypermedia artists at Federal Universidade do Rio de Janeiro who together co-produced the H.O. Supra Sensorial:  a obra de Hélio Oiticica; visited Jardim Botânico and showed each other our works.  | Afro-Reggae , Gilberto Gil (with Rita Lee) concert, Copacabana Beach.

14 October
Visited sites in Rio:  Ipanema (Jardim de Alah, Livraria da Travessa) and Pão de Açúcar.

15 October
Travel from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo by bus (6 hours).  Meeting, dinner with Wilton Azevedo and family.

16 October
Meeting with Wilton Azevedo, Suzete Venturelli, Mario Marel, Rita Varlesi, Consolação.
Lecture (“Digital Literature and Repurposing:  Publishing Screen & Page”) including demonstration of “MOBY – DICK”, and multimedia poetry performance (“Ken utters…”, “Vortex talks…”, “Silence’s Necessity in Process”, “in reflection”, soundtracks by CF and HH/JK) with Suzete Venturelli ( http://www.arte.unb.br/lis2/lis.html , Universidade de Brasília Instituto de Artes), hosted by Wilton Azevedo at Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieMeeting with Jorge Luiz Antonio (editor, http://www.vispo.com/misc/BrazilianDigitalPoetry.htm ).

17 October
Presentation (with Jorge Luiz Antonio translation and commentary) at the Instituto des Artes, Universidade Estadual Paulista (“MOBY – DICK”, “Barakacrostics”, “Ken Utters…”, “caprice says…”), hosted by Professor Jose de Arruda Penteado.  Meeting with Lucio Agra and Augusto de Campos at Campos’ apartment.

18 October
Presentation and performance for “Image and Representation” classes at Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, hosted by Lucio Agra, Faculty of Communication and Body Arts, with commentary by Lucio Agra and Jorge Luiz Antonio.  Multimedia poetry:  “Whyfore the momma…”, “COUNT-TRANCE”, “in reflection”, “Vortex talks…” and other animations). Presentation at Faculdade Senac de Comunição e Artes (“MOBY – DICK”, “Barakacrostics” and other online works, including Newark Review), with commentary by Jorge Luiz Antonio, for videotape and archive,hosted by Professor Lucia Leão ( http://www.lucialeao.pro.br/pluralmaps ).  Meeting with Wilton Azevedo, Suzete Venturelli, Mario Marel, Rita Varlesi, and others.

19 October
Meeting with Lucio Agra, Consolação, Avenida Paulista.  Meeting with Wilton Azevedo and family. Depart Brasil.

20 October
Return to Frelinghuysen (NJ). Afternoon hayride at Race farm, Blairstown.


photo taken outside
Faculdade Senac de Comunição e Artes
18 October 2002 by Jorge Luiz Antonio