Flourish Klink

ELO Conference, June



Shafts dream. 
Thighs linger.
Taboos tickle the thighs.

Breathe in the sweet freckled matching ginger—

Mouths roam the shafts.
Wizards dream. 
Fingers tingle.
Wizard comforts the mouth.

Climax with the freckled parallel matching—

So, this is a twincest fanfic generator, and twincest is exactly what it says on the tin. It is Harry Potter fanfiction about

Fred and George Weasley having sex with each other.

And as you can see the actors disapprove—this was, like, a super bad thing for some fans to do, but they told the actors by showing them the fanfic. This is not good fan behavior. But it did produce a very funny picture. It's not shooped.

There's a bunch of people who've written about this phenomenon as a fanfic thing. My friend Cat Tosenberger has written a lot about how these stories pick up on romantic tropes and they're actually sort of normal in the world of literary fiction in some way. 

And if I wanted to legitimize this I could probably bullshit about the endless Marquis de Sade-like recombinatory nature of fanfic porn which makes it peculiarly appropriate for a text generator; or I could talk about how more or less all fanfiction is "born digital" but it's rarely included as e-lit (people seem to forget that there's a huge bunch of  fictional writing on the internet that has all been written there since forever); or I could, you know, complain about how fanfic writers who are often talented programmers usually stick to sort of traditional forms of writing and put their programming talents to use in creating archives for very static, "normal" sorts of stories. 

But honestly, I was really just trying to troll Nick [Montfort] and get him to laugh.