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p r e s e n t a t i o n s / a p p e a r a n c e s

performing at Whitney Museum of American Art, April 4/16. Photo by Stella Funkhouser


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What Is Undug Will Be / XCP Cross Cultural Poetics digital archive launch

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A Toast to the Flash Generation (Electronic Literature Organization)

Poetry and the 2020 Election (documentation)

Our Bodies in Language (documentation)

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improvised is how the voice is used (Unit Structures: The Art of Cecil Taylor conference, CUNY/Brooklyn College)

29th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival (curator)

WGXC Audio Buffet (performer)

Almost Bloomsday (performer)

Bobby Previte Workshop Ensemble Showcase (documentation)

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28th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival (curator) (documentation)

WGXC Audio Buffet (performer)

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Poetics and Politics of Virtual Reality, University of Bergen (Norway)

Keynote address, Digital Humanities Summer Institute (University of Ottawa)

Keynote address, Mediapoetry 101 Festival, St. Petersburg (Russia)

27th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival (curator) (documentation)

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Dial-A-Poem Radio Marathon (Red Bull Arts, New York City)

Open Plan: Cecil Taylor (performance at Whitney Museum of American Art)

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Shy Nag Code Opera (staged performance), Electronic Literature Festival (Bergen, Norway)

Interrupt III, Brown University

Shy Nag: A Code Generated Opera (staged performance), Rutgers-Newark

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Electronic Literature After Flash, MLA (Chicago)

Newark Improv Festival

“On New Directions in Digital Poetry,” Electronic Literature Reading Series (Bergen, Norway)

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Chercher le Texte, Paris (September)

Visiting Artist Talk (with Amy Hufnagel), Sarah Lawrence College (April)

Estudos Avançados em Materialidades da Literatura (Coimbra, Portugal)

Colóquio Poesia experimental: Materialidades e representações digitais (Porto, Portugal, February)

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Music Factory (December)

ELO 2012 (Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints; WVU, June)

Least Weasel reading (Philadelphia, May)

Interrupt II Studio (Brown University, February)

New Directions in Digital Poetry book launch party (Bowery Poetry Club, February)

UnderAcademy College (Fakulty)

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Hampshire College Alumni Reel screening ("Sunflowers on Quaker Church Road")

File under: new media poetics, electronic literature, technotext, flarf and so on (review of Electro Þerdix by M. Salgado)

Newark Review 3.0 (editorial)

Least Weasel Chapbook Launch (New York, June)

E-Poetry 2011


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Poetry in 1960 A Symposium

Performance with Alan Sondheim at Unnameable Books (Brooklyn, 10-01-10)

ELO_AI (Brown University, June)

Performance with Lucio Agra at Bowery Poetry Club (May)

PennSound files (Senior Editor)

In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge (The Banff Center)

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The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary Art Practice (Bergen, Norway)


E-Poetry 2009

Three for Obama (commissioned by the Associated Press)

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Digital Poet-in-Residence, Bowery Poetry Club, New York City

The Westinghouse Project, New Jersey School of Architecture

Interrupt, a festival celebrating writing and performance hosted by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design

ceptuetics (WNYU)

Trickhouse launch, Bowery Poetry Club

Codework: Exploring relations between creative writing practices and software engineering, National Science Foundation Workshop, West Virginia University

"IBM Poetry: Exploring Restriction in Computer Poems," presentation at MACHINE Series, Kelly Writers House, U of Penn

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"Selections from Selections" MLA Convention

...::: Trajetória Infopoética :::... (Encontro com Melo e Castro), videotext poem included in exhibition, Academia de Ensino Superior, Sorocaba, Brazil

Segue Reading Series at Bowery Poetry Club performance with Madeline Gins

Reading Digital Literature Brown University

Digital Dialogues, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Naropa University Summer Writing Program faculty, Week Four: Performance, Collaboration, Publishing, Anthologies, Community, Media

I Colóquio Internacional de Ciberliteratura, PUC-SÃO PAULO

E-Poetry 2007, Paris

Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms 1959-1995; published in the Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series edited by Charles Bernstein and Hank Lazer at University of Alabama Press, 2007