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Physics 121 - Fall 2007 - Sections 007 & 009


Electricity & Magnetism

Lecture: Wednesdays, 11:30 am - 12:55 pm, Tiernan Hall, Lecture Hall 1

Recitation: Mondays, 10:00 pm - 11:25 pm (Section 007) & 1:00 pm - 2:25 pm (Section 009), Tiernan Hall, Room 105


Here are copies for printing of the rules (157 kBytes) syllabus (62 kBytes) and Fall academic calendar (53 kBytes) for ALL Phys 121 sections.

UTexas Course Number for Dale Gary, Section 007, is 99756
UTexas Course Number for Wenda Cao, Section 009, is 92314

Office Hours for Dale Gary: 2:30-5:00 pm, Mondays, in 101 Tiernan

Exam 1 Grades
Exam 2 Grades
Exam 3 Grades
New Post Average Exam Grade over all 3 exams

Course Material

Course Material: Fundamentals of Physics, Part 3, Seventh Edition, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker (Wiley).

Physics Laboratory Manual. The lab manual (Physics Laboratory Manual I & II) has to be purchased at the bookstore. The laboratory schedule can be found here.

The laboratory course, PHYS 121A, must be taken concurrently with PHYS 121. The student must register for both the lecture/recitation and the lab course. Withdrawal from either course will cause a simultaneous withdrawal from both courses.

Attendance: Attendance at lectures and recitation classes is mandatory. Any student missing a total of 3 classes, which can be any combination of lecture and recitation, can be dropped from the course by the office of the Dean of Freshman Studies.

Classroom Response System: We will be using a classroom response system called iClicker in sections 007 and 009. Each student will be loaned a clicker, which must be returned at the end of the semester. It is your responsibility to take care of it, and bring it to each lecture. If you lose it, you must pay for a replacement ($26.50). Your grade will be withheld at the end of the semester until you return your clicker.



Your final grade in Physics 121 will be determined by your performance on the following:

  1. Common Exams: Three common exams will be given during the semester. The schedule is:
    • Common Exam 1 : Friday, October 5, 8:30 9:45 am
    • Common Exam 2 : Friday, November 2, 8:30 9:45 am
    • Common Exam 3 : Wednesday, November 21, 8:30 9:45 am
  2. Final Exam: A comprehensive examination of the entire semester's work will be given at the end of the semester, during December 14 - 20. 2.5 hours long.
  3. Lecture Quizzes: Short quizzes covering the preceding week's work will usually be given during each lecture. The grades count toward your final course grade . There will be no make-up quizzes.
  4. Homework: Homework assignments will be posted on-line at University of Texas Homework System. All the information needed to pick-up your homework every week is listed at Richard Janow 's WWW Page.

The final grades will be based on a composite score that includes each common exam score, the final exam, short quizzes, and the term's homework score. Here are the approximate weights to be used for calculating the composite score:

Here are the approximate weights to be used for calculating the final grade and the final grade scale:

48% for all three common exams (16% each) 80% and more A
32% for the final exam 65% - 79% B
15% for the total homework grade 55% - 64% C
5% for the total lecture quiz grade 50% - 54% D
  49% and less F

Physics Learning Center

The Physics Learning Center, located in 401T, is staffed by faculty and specially trained Teaching Assistants. All Physics students are invited. The time it is open will be announced.

Honor Code Violations or Disruptive Behavior:

NJIT policy is zero-tolerance for cheating of any kind and for student behavior that disrupts learning by others. Incidents will be immediately reported to the Dean of Students. The penalties for violations range from a minimum of failure in the course plus disciplinary probation up to expulsion from NJIT with notations on a students' permanent record. Avoid situations where your own honorable behavior could be misinterpreted. Students will be required to agree to the NJIT Honor Code on each exam.


The weekly text, practice problem, and homework assignments are listed in the schedule below . It is almost impossible to succeed in this course without working a lot of problems

  • The weekly text readings are in FOP (Halliday & Resnick). Read each assigned section before the Lecture covering the material in it. We suggest that you download instructor's lecture notes (if available) and bring them to class.
  • There is a set of practice problems posted for on-line with solutions. These will not be graded, but they are a good way to get up to speed before doing the online homework and they are a favorite source of exam questions. The url is: 121 Fall 2007/Phys 121Janow Fall 2007.html
  • Each student must download weekly homework problem assignments from the University of Texas homework system and submit the solutions online before each assignment is due. Late work will not be accepted. In general, you will have about a week after homework is assigned to finish and submit it.
  • Homework scores count cumulatively about as much as one common exam toward your final course grade. Students who do not submit the homework are automatically lowering their class average by up to 15%.
  • Homework due dates will be announced by each instructor. They depend on the class schedule but will generally allow you at least one week-end to complete the work.


Attendance at lectures, recitation classes, and exams is mandatory . Instructors will take attendance regularly. A total of 3 unexcused absences from lecture, recitation, and workshop in any combination is regarded as excessive: the Dean of First Year Students may be notified and a student may be dropped from the course. Students with several excusable absences should contact the Dean of First Year Students. If you withdraw from the course, do it officially through the Registrar; do not simply stop attending and taking exams. Students who withdraw unofficially force the instructor to assign a course grade of "F".


Please do not eat, drink, or create noise that interferes with the work of students or instructors. Cellular phones, wireless devices, notebook computers, and messaging devices of all kinds must be turned off during class meetings and exams.


If you are having difficulty visit or email your instructor; do not simply hope for a miracle and fall further behind. The Physics Learning Center (401 Tiernan) can provide ongoing help; it is s taffed by faculty and trained Teaching Assistants. The Physics Dept. office on the 4 th floor of Tiernan has more information. Tutors may also be available through the Residence Halls organization.

Specific information for the UT homework system:

UT Guest ID Registration:

UT HW Student Instructions:

Student Login Page ( Univ. of Texas ):
UT EID Home Page (Forgotten Password) :

If you already have a UT Guest login ID and password, you can continue to use it. Your instructor will announce the 5 digit course number you need to use when you register for Physics 121 in the UT system.


Any changes to the syllabus will be consulted with students.

Week (Tuesday Monday) and Topics Covered

Reading Assignments

Homework Assignments
(all due 10 am on due date)


Monday September 03

Labor Day

No classes


Week 1: September 4 10
Introduction, Vectors, Scalar and Vector Fields (Lecture 1)

Instructors Notes

Begin HW 01 & Practice Probs. 1

(see ** below)


Week 2 September 11 - 17
Electric Charge (Lecture 2)

FOP Chap. 21,

All sections

Begin HW 02 & Practice Probs. 2

(HW 01 due, Sept. 13)


Week 3: September 18 - 24
Electric Field (Lecture 3)

FOP Chap. 22

Sect. 1-6, 8

Begin HW 03 & Practice Probs. 3

(HW 02 due, Sept. 20)


Week 4: September 25 October 1
Gauss' Law (Lecture 4)

FOP Chap. 23

All Sections

Begin HW 04 & Practice Probs. 4

(HW 03 due, Sept. 27)


Common Exam 1: October 5
Friday, 08:30 - 9:45 A. M.


Covers Weeks 1, 2, 3

Fields + FOP Chapters 21 - 22


Week 5: October 2 8
Electric Potential (Lecture 5)

FOP Chap. 24

Sect. 1 - 7, 9, 10

Begin HW 05 & Practice Probs. 5

(HW 04 due, Oct. 4)


Week 6: October 9 - 15
Capacitance (Lecture 6)

FOP Chap. 25

All Sections

Begin HW 06 & Practice Probs. 6

(HW 05 due, Oct. 11)


Week 7: October 16 22
Current, Resistance, DC Circuits (Lecture 7)

FOP Chap. 26
Sect. 1-5, 7

Chap 27, Sect. 1-3

Begin HW 07 & Practice Probs. 7 & 8A.

(HW 06 due, Oct. 18)


Week 8: October 23 - 29
Multi-loop and RC Circuits (Lecture 8)

FOP Chap. 27

Sect. 4 - 9

Begin HW 08 & Practice Probs. 8A & 8B.

(HW 07 due, Oct. 25)



Common Exam 2: November 2
Friday, 08:30 - 9:45 A. M.


Covers Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7

FOP Chapters 23 - 26


Week 9: October 30- November 6
Magnetic Fields (Lecture 9)

FOP Chap. 28

1-4, 6-10

Begin HW 09 & Practice Probs. 9

(HW 08 due, Nov. 1)


Monday, November 5


Last Day to Withdraw


Week 10: November 6 - 12
Magnetic Fields from Currents (Lecture 10)


FOP Chap. 29

All Sections

Begin HW 10 & Practice Probs. 10

(HW 09 due, Nov. 8)


Week 11: November 13- 19
Induction - I (Lecture 11)

FOP Chap. 30

Sect. 1-6


Begin HW 11 & Practice Probs. 11

(HW 10 due, Nov. 15)


Tuesday, November 20


FollowThursday Schedule


Wednesday, November 21


Follow Friday Schedule


Thanksgiving November 22 - 25


No class on Thursday or Friday


Common Quiz 3: November 21

Wednesday 08:30 - 9:45 A. M.


Covers Weeks 8, 9, 10

FOP Chapters 27 29


Week 12: November 20- 26
No new material

Catch up, Review

Recitation class only



Week 13: November 27 December 3
Induction II (Lecture 12).
Begin Electromagnetic Oscillations (Lecture 13)

FOP Chap. 30
Sect. 7 10

FOP Chap. 31
Sect. 1-4

Begin HW 12 & Practice Probs. 12

(HW 11 due, Nov. 29)


Week 14: December 4 10
AC Cir cuits, LCR Circuits (Lecture 13)

FOP Chap. 31

Sect. 1-4, 6-7

Begin HW 13 & Practice Probs. 13/14.

(HW 12 due, Dec. 06)


Week 15: December 11- 12
LCR Circuits & Review (Lecture 14)

Ch. 31

Sect. 8-11

Last lecture class. (HW 13 due Dec. 14, but not gone over in class)

Catch up

Reading Day: December 14

No classes

Optional Review Sessions


Final Exam Period

December 15 - 21

Comprehensive final exam


** Practice problems available at : 121 Fall 2007/Phys 121Janow Fall 2007.html then navigate