Homework Handout #1

1.01:  What is the combined apparent magnitude of a binary system consisting of two stars of apparent magnitude 3.0 and 4.0?

1.02:  The Sun has an apparent visual magnitude of -26.75.  (a) Calculate its absolute visual magnitude.  (b) Calculate its magnitude at the distance of Alpha Centauri (1.3 pc).  (c) The Palomar Sky Survey is complete to magnitudes as faint as +19.0.   How far away (in parsecs) would a star identical to the Sun have to be in order to just barely be bright enough to be visible on Sky Survey photographs?

1.03:  A certain globular cluster has a total of 104 stars; 100 of them have MV = 0.0 and the rest have MV = +5.0.  What is the integrated visual magnitude of the cluster?