Department of Information Systems
College of Computing Sciences  

New Jersey Institute of Technology  
Newark, NJ 07102-1982 USA
Office:  room 4414, GITC Building
Tel: (USA) 973 596  3389
Fax: (USA) 973 596 5777
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Office Hours

       See for office hours.

Call me or our Dept secretary at 973-596-3366 to be sure I'm

in the office before making a special trip to NJIT. 

Presentations:  Teaching On-Line Course

Fall 11 Course:

IE 685 102 [System Safety Engineering] Tuesday 6-9pm

Spring 11 Courses:

IE 614 102 [Safety Engineering] - Friday 6-9pm

Dr. George Olsen is the Academic Advisor for undecided freshman, BS Bioinformatics, MSB&IS and MSIS students. He is the manager for Business, Scheduling, and Administration for the College of Computing Sciences. Dr. Olsen's interests are in the use of information systems in managing a supply chain, safety management, safety engineering, and simulation gaming.  Dr. Olsen is also a Certified Safety Professional and a Registered Professional Engineer with over 20 years experience in development and logistics engineering, specifically safety engineering.  He teaches courses in system safety and safety engineering methods and is the Associate Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Engineering Program in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.