Department of Industrial Engineering

IE 685

System Safety

 Fall 2005




Instructor:      George Olsen, Ph.D.

Department of Information Systems

New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights

Newark, NJ 07102                       


Phone:            (973)596-3389 (office)

                        (732)308_3483 (home)


Office:            GITC 5502






Course            Safety decision making and systems engineering applications to safety, including

Description:   planning, managing and conducting system safety programs.


Course            To understand the uses of the system safety methodology in developing safe

Objectives:    systems.  This includes both the planning of the system safety program and various analysis techniques used to determine the risks and how to control them..  Some basic statistical methods will be used in the system safety analyses.


Textbook:       System Safety for the 21st Century, Richard A. Stephans, John Wiley, 2004.


Evaluation:     Midterm Exam                               15%                

                        Final Exam                                    30%

                        Assignments                                  20%

Group Project                                20%

                  Class Participation/Quizzes          15%



Assignments:  All assignments must be both printed/ handed in and uploaded via WebCT. I want

a printed copy so I can give you feedback and I am using WebCT to eliminate any question as to when an assignment was handed in.  The first assignment is to give you a chance to try it out before a real one is due and solve any problems.  All assignments are due on Tuesday [class day] of the week assigned. 

There is a cut off time as part of WebCT and it will not accept assignments after that cutoff time.  Note that the time in WebCT is set by the server and not your PC.  A letter grade will be deducted for late assignments that are received after the due date but prior to the cut off date.  Assignments submitted after the WebCT cutoff date will not be accepted and will result in a grade of zero.  Normally there will be a week between the due date and the cutoff date.  Assignments can be handed in early if you wish. 


Group             Groups will be established and you will be assigned a group project.  The project

Project:          will be assigned within the first few weeks of the semester and will continue throughout the entire semester.  A final written report will be handed in the last class period [one week prior to final exam].  Each group will make a final oral presentation in class.