Gennady Gor: Collaborations

Governmental Labs

  • Dr. Daniel Siderius (NIST, Chemical Sciences Division, Gaithersburg, MD) - Advanced Monte Carlo techniques
  • Dr. Vincent Shen (NIST, Chemical Sciences Division, Gaithersburg, MD) - Advanced Monte Carlo techniques
  • Dr. Corey Love (NRL, Chemistry Divison, Washington, DC) - Lithium-ion batteries
  • Dr. Syed Qadri (NRL, Materials Science Division, Washington, DC) - X-ray diffraction


  • Dr. Christopher Rasmussen (DuPont Central R&D, Wilmington, DE) - Polymer chemistry and physics
  • Dr. John Cannarella (DuPont Central R&D, Wilmington, DE) - Mechanical testing of polymers
  • Dr. Matthias Thommes (Quantachrome Instruments, Boynton Beach, FL) - Methods and instruments for characterization of porous materials


  • Dr. Rodolfo Venegas (Acoustics Research Centre, University of Salford, UK) - acoustics of porous media
  • Prof. Andrey Galukhin (Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry, Kazan Federal University) - synthesis of silica colloidal crystals
  • Prof. Ilya Zharov (The University of Utah, Department of Chemistry) - synthesis of silica colloidal crystals
  • Prof. Alexei Khalizov (NJIT, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science) - experimental studies of soot nanoparticles
  • Prof. Roman Voronov (NJIT, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering) - cell migration in microfluidic tissue-mimicking pores
  • Prof. Patrick Huber (TUHH, Germany) - experimental studies of soft matter in confinement
  • Prof. Jörg Weissmüller (TUHH, Germany) - surface science, experiments and theory
  • Prof. Craig Arnold (Princeton University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) - Lithium-ion batteries
  • Dr. Gudrun Reichenauer (ZAE Bayern, Germany) - in-situ dilatometry
  • Prof. Oskar Paris (Montan University, Leoben, Austria) - in-situ SAXS and SANS studies
  • Prof. Nicola Hüsing (University of Salzburg, Austria) - synthesis of nanoporous materials
  • Prof. Boris Gurevich (Curtin University, Perth, Australia) - rock mechanics, acoustics
  • Dr. Leonid Khryashchev (University of Helsinki, Department of Chemistry) - matrix-isolation IR-spectroscopy

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