Minisymposium Fluids in Nanoporous Media (2016)

Oral presentations

  • Neutron Scattering Characterization of Confined Fluids
    In memory of Yuri Melnichenko (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Structural and thermodynamic studies on the phase behavior of water in ordered mesoporous host structures with different pore sizes and different surface polarities
    Michael Froeba (University of Hamburg), Benedikt Mietner, Young Joo Lee, Felix J. Brieler
  • Investigation of local pore structure and sorption induced deformation in hierarchical mesoporous silica by nanobeam X-ray diffraction
    Lukas Ludescher (Montanuniversitat Leoben), Florian Putz, Michael S. Elsaesser, Gudrun Reichenauer, Nicola Husing, Oskar Paris
  • Methane Adsorption in Model Porous Materials Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
    Wei-Shan Chiang (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Emiliano Fratini, Piero Baglioni, Daniel Georgi, Jin-hong Chen, Yun Liu
  • Insights from plants: evaporation-induced nanoflows (Invited)
    Olivier Vincent (Cornell University), Alexandre Szenicer, Antoine Robin, Abraham Stroock
  • Hydraulic Transport Across Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Nanopores: Flow Experiments with Water and n-Hexane
    Simon Gruener, Dirk Wallacher, Patrick Huber (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Core-shell tubular structures of binary liquids confined in cylindrical nanopores
    Denis Morineau (Institute of Physics of Rennes), Ronan Lefort, Abdel Razzak Abdel Hamid, Ramona Mhanna, Sujeet Dutta, Aziz Ghoufi, Bernhard Frick
  • Interpretation of the phase composition curves of frozen soils via molecular dynamics
    Chao Zhang, Zhen Liu (Michigan Technological University)
  • Behavior of C-O-H Fluids in Nanopores
    David Cole (The Ohio State University), Siddharth Gautam, Alberto Striolo, Gernot Rother, Salim Ok
  • Transport Enhancement of Hydrocarbons in Shale Nanocapillaries: A Multicomponent Study Involving Capillary Wall Effect
    Feng Feng (Texas A&M University), Yucel Akkutlu
  • Liquid Transport in Nanoporous Media
    S. Sevinc Sengor (Southern Methodist University), Ali Beskok

Poster presentations

  • The effect of geometry on molecular restructuring in nanometer scale pore spaces
    Ali Qajar (University of Texas at Austin), Rui Xu, Masa Prodanovic
  • Theoretical investigation of the effect of membrane properties of nanoporous reservoirs on the phase behavior of confined light oil
    Ziming Zhu (Colorado School of Mines), Xiaolong Yin, Erdal Ozkan
  • Elastic response of mesoporous silicon to capillary pressures in the pores
    Gennady Gor (Naval Research Laboratory), Luca Bertinetti, Noam Bernstein, Tommy Hofmann, Patrick Huber
  • Nanoporous Gold as a Switchable Electrocapillary Pump
    Yahui Xue, Juergen Markmann, Huiling Duan, Joerg Weissmueller, Patrick Huber (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Some features of entrapment of non-wetting liquid in nanoporous medium at impact intrusion
    Victor Byrkin (MEPhI), Anton Belogorlov, Danil Paryohin

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