Minisymposium Fluids in Nanoporous Media (2018)

Oral presentations

  • Pierre Levitz Respective contributions of adsorption, surface and bulk confined diffusion in molecular transport in nanoporous materials
  • Gerhard Findenegg Structural Characterization of Complex Fluids in Nanopores by SANS: From Surfactant Solutions to Microemulsions
  • Michael Froeba Properties of Water Confined in Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas: Nanoimprinting the Local Structure
  • Bogdan Kuchta Adsorption induced transformations of methane adsorbed in MOF-5.
  • Lucyna Firlej Non-uniform density of gas confined in nanopores.
  • Ronny Pini Measuring and Modelling Supercritical Gas Adsorption in Clay Minerals and Shales
  • Seunghwan Baek Impact of CO2 Injection on Condensates Recovery from Shale Organic Nanostructures
  • Laurent Brochard Anomalous thermal expansion of water in clays
  • Lining Xu Enhanced Oil Recovery Strategies in nanofluidics Relevant to Tight Oil Reservoirs
  • Yujie Yuan Pore Structure Evaluation and Fluid Assessment for Permian Carynginia Shale
  • Juergen Markmann Changing mechanical properties of nanomaterials by surface modification and the impact of capillarity
  • Yidong Xia Dissipative Particle Dynamics Based Mesoscale Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Reconstructed High-Resolution Nanoporous Shale Pore Networks
  • Edmond Zhou Capillary-condensation-induced stress in complex multi-scale porous materials
  • Dongliang Jin Effects of Confinement and Surface Force on Methane Hydrate in Porous Media
  • Vasily Pisarev Porosity effects on phase diagram of gas condensate mixture
  • Martin Steinhart Imbibition on the single-pore level: what happens in the absence of cooperative phenomena?
  • Rolf Pelster An ultrasonic study on density and elastic properties of nanoconfined argon
  • Francisco Gallego-Gomez Colloidal Crystals for Photonic Detection of Fluid Phenomena in Nanoporous Systems
  • Ayaz Mehmani Impacts of Controlled Surface Roughness on Fluid Trapping in Glass Micromodels: Implications for Subsurface Multiphase Flow
  • Gennady Gor Gassmann Equation for Nanoporous Media

Poster-pitch presentations

  • Elena Kirova A Molecular Dynamics Approach for Predicting the Glass Transition in pores
  • Justyna Rogacka Adsorption of small molecules in the intermediate structures of breathing MOF
  • Yun Jiang Characteristics and New Scaling for Forced Imbibition Based on Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements
  • Marc Wagemann Interaction of pentane and 2-pentanone with UiO-66(Zr) by solid-state NMR
  • Ronghao Cui Oil/water two-phase slip flow in a random pore network of shale
  • Hua-xun Liu Flow Model and Flow Equation of Shale Gas Based on Micro Flow Mechanism

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