Gennady Gor: Outreach

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Popular Lectures for High-School Students

Gennady Gor has been involved in K-12 education for a number of years, working as a high-school physics teacher before getting his doctoral degree.

Gennady presented a overview of ChemE profession and ChemE research for a group high-school students participating in the Liberty Science Center's summer research program Partners in Science. The recording of the lecture is available on Youtube.

Gennady Gor presented a lecture for the high-school students at 30ka, one of the top Russian high schools, specialized in math and physics. The topics covered included the basics of molecular modeling, as well as a Q&A on careers in STEM.

Mentoring High-School Students in the Lab

Each summer the Gor lab hosts high-school students carrying out research either through NJIT Provost High School Intern Program or the ACS SEED program (the summer research program for economically disadvantaged high school students). The duration of these programs is six weeks of full-time research activities. Students start from short intense training in Python programming, and within the first two weeks they obtain the tools to work on their research projects. Meanwhile, the specific goals for the projects are set, and the student starts working towards it. Each of the high school students work as a part of a group, the PI, a Ph.D. student and an undergraduate student. Interactions with researchers at different stages of the career provides an opportunity of learning about a career paths in research.

In Summer 2020 both the NJIT Provost High School Intern Program and ACS SEED program were cancelled due to COVID-19. However, the Gor group hosted two high-school interns through Liberty Science Center's summer research program Partners in Science

The Gor group in Summer 2019. Left to right. Front row: Marcos Molina, Juan Valencia, Nick Corrente, Suneedhi Laddha. Back row: Chris Dobrzanski, Gennady Gor, Alina Emelianova. Max Maximov could have filled the gap in the front row, but he was on vacation. Photo by Nick Corrente

The Gor group in Summer 2018. Top row (left to right): Chris Dobrzanski (PhD student, ChE), Max Maximov (PhD student, ChE), Gennady Gor, Alina Emelianova (PhD student, ChE). Bottom row (left to right): Nick Corrente (BS student, ChE), Zach Lyandres (Tenafly High School), Juan Valencia (Union City High School), Emma King (BS student, ChE, Wellesley College)

The Gor group in Summer 2017. Left to right: Zach Lyandres (Tenafly High School), Armani-Christian Rojas (BS student, ChE), Gennady Gor, Chris Dobrzanski (PhD student, ChE), Marcelo Munoz (Union City High School).

The former high-school students are listed here, along with the other group alumni.

High school student Caroline Zhao presents her talk at the 34th Annual Partners in Science Program Presentations (August, 2020).

High school students Juan Valencia and Zachary Lyandres present their electronic posters on their research in the Gor group at the Summer 2018 Provost High School Interns Poster Symposium.

Regional New Jersey Science Olympiad

Dr. Gennady Gor, with the help of ChemE graduate students, Chris Dobrzanski, Max Maximov and Ahn Tong, supervised the experimental design tour of 2018 Regional New Jersey Science Olympiad.

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