Gerard Ryan Senior University Lecturer Department of Computer Science New Jersey Institute of Technology University Heights Newark, New Jersey 07102, USA Office: GITC 4303 Phone: +1 (973) 642-4029

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I am a Senior University Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science of the Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT. I am also affiliated with the NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center and its efforts to build an efficient open source library for lattice cryptography and homomorphic encryption.


This Spring, I am teaching several sections of CS280, Programming Language Concepts, and one section of CS485 - Special Topics in Cryptography and Privacy.

My office hours for the Spring of 2020 are: Tuesday 4:00-5:30, Wednesday 4:00-5:30, or by appointment

I teach courses in the programming sequence: CS100 (Roadmap to Computing), CS114 (Introduction to Computer Science II), CS280 (Programming Language Concepts), and CS602 (Java Programming). I also teach CS683 (Software Project Management) and CS685 (Software Architecture).

In the past, I have taught CS courses for non majors: CS101 (Computer Programming and Problem Solving), and CS103 (Computer Science with Business Problems)


I am interested in programming and programming languages, cybersecurity, and the places where those two areas meet.

I have been working on homomorphic encryption and lattice-based cryptography, secure publish-subscribe systems, systems and software for efficient encrypted computing, and interesting applications for those systems.



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