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Department of Mathematical Sciences & Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics
NJIT Mathematical Biology Seminar
Fall 2010

Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. in 611 Cullimore Hall, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are usually served at 3:30 pm. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Horacio G. Rotstein

Date Speaker and Title Host
September 7 Organizational Meeting,
September 14 Andrea Barreiro, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
Modeling cooperative activity in neural systems
H. G. Rotstein
September 21 Cristina Turner, Department of Mathematics, FaMAF, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
Shape optimization for tumor location
H. G. Rotstein
September 28 Gareth Russell, Department of Biological Sciences & Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Mathematical Ecology "Open Problems Forum": Modeling Home Ranges and Habitat Selection
H. G. Rotstein
October 5 Xinxian Huang, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Using Phase Response Curves to Infer the Activity of Feed-back Neuronal Networks with Synaptic Depression
H. G. Rotstein
October 12 Gareth Russell, Department of Biological Sciences & Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Mathematical Ecology "Open Problems Forum": Modeling Animal Movement with Arbitrarily Complicated Constraints
H. G. Rotstein
October 19 Gemma Huguet, Center for Neural Sciences, New York University
A model for dynamical switching during tristable perception of visual plaids
H. G. Rotstein
October 26 Dongwook Kim, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
The effect of periodic and non-periodic inputs on firing rate resonance in a stellate cell model
H. G. Rotstein
November 2 Alla Borisyuk, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Selectivity to slowly rising stimuli in frog auditory neurons
H. G. Rotstein
November 9 Kevin Janes, University of Virginia
H. G. Rotstein A. Abdi
November 16 SFN Meeting (no seminar)
November 23 Hui Wu , Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Pattern formation in oscillatory systems
H. G. Rotstein
November 30 UBM Student Presentations

Sandhya Venkataraman & Enas Shehadeh
The Dynamic Instability of Microtubles: Vibrational Modes

Motolani Olarinre & Xavier Lee
Meta-population Model: Improving on the Inter-Patch Movement Rate Term for a more Realistic Model

Moustafa Moursy & Omar Meky
The role of the hyperpolarization-activated current in producing stable oscillations in the PD pacemaker cell

J. Golowasch

V. Matveev

G. Russell

December 7 No seminar, classes follow a Thursday schedule

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