Extra Credit Q2

Hi! My name is Hunter and I am a student at NJIT, which stands for the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Right now I intend on getting my degree in Information Technology. My chosen career is Cyber Security, and I have hope to get a job in that field. So far, I have been pretty productive and I hope that I can lead a successful life when I graduate from NJIT. As long as I work hard, I will have a good future!

Outside of classes, I'm either doing homework, hanging out with friends, or partaking in some of my favorite hobbies. Those hobbies include bowling, exercising, reading, and playing video games. I was happy to hear that NJIT had their own bowling lanes so I bowl as often as I can. I was also happy to hear that I have access to the gym, so I can maintain my good health and improve my overall physique. I always find the time to read, whenever I don't have to read a textbook for a class. And finally I enjoy sitting down, relaxing, and just enjoy a video game or two. Of course, since I dorm, there is always something to do at NJIT, so I'm never bored.

Procrastination an issue?:

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