IS392 - Web Mining and Information Retrieval (Spring 2022)

Course Number: IS392-002

Classroom: Tiernan Hall 113 (after Jan. 30)

Class Meets: 11:30 am - 12:50 pm, Monday & Wednesday,

Faculty Instructor: Hua Wei, Ph.D.

E-mail: hua.wei AT

Office: GITC 3803H

Office Hours:  Monday 1-2 pm, or by appointment


This course introduces the design, implementation, and evaluation of web mining applications. Topics include automatic indexing, natural language processing, retrieval algorithms, basic machine learning techniques, and their applications to the web data. Students will gain hands-on experience applying theories in case studies.



There is no required textbook. Below are some recommended reference books.


Assignments and Grading

Assignment, quiz

45% (5% quiz, 14% assignment 1, 13% assignment 2, 13% assignment 3)


45% (10% report1, 10% report2, 10% report 3, 15% final report)

Class Attendance