IEEE North Jersey Section IEEE North Jersey Section

IEEE North Jersey Section Communication Society Chapter Activities - 2004

Date Presenter Title
02/19/2004 Yin Zhang Tomo-gravity (or: How to compute large-scale IP traffic matrices from link loads in seconds?)
03/17/2004 Derong Liu Call Admission Policies for DS-CDMA Cellular Networks Based on Power Control Setpoints
03/25/2004 Dimitrios Stiliadis Optical Technologies in Router Design
03/25/2004 Andrew Odlyzko Telecom Economics and Telecom Dogmas
04/01/2004 Lizhi Charlie Zhong Pico radios - what does it take to design a link between them?
10/07/2004 Mung Chiang Network Utility Maximization: General Frameworks and Recent Advances
10/28/2004 Aleksandar Kolarov A Study of Waveband Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Multi-Granular Hybrid Optical Networks
11/10/2004 Celia Desmond A Career in the Telecommunications Industry
12/07/2004 Hongya Ge Reduced-Rank Multi-User Detectors for CDMA Systems