IEEE North Jersey Section IEEE North Jersey Section

IEEE North Jersey Section Communication Society Chapter Activities - 1995

Date Presenter Title
2/6/95Ben Yuhas, Bellcore "Detecting Fraud in Call Patterns"
2/13/95Leon Cohen, CUNY "Time-Frequency-Scale Description of Signals"
2/20/95 Aleksandar Kolarov, C&C Research Lab, NEC USA, Princeton "End-to-end Adaptive Rate Based Congestion Control Scheme for ABR Service in Wide Area ATM Networks"
2/22/95 Yeheskel Bar-Ness, NJIT "The Bootstrap Decorrelating Algorithm: Promising tool for Adaptive Separation of Multi-user CDMA signals in Personal and Mobile Wireless Communication Systems"
3/20/95 Jack Klapper, NJIT "The Ubiquitous Phase-locked Loop"
4/3/95 Moeness G. Amin, Villanova University "Beamforming and Time-frequency Distributions: Similarities in Design and Algorithms"
4/6/95 Zoran Kostic, AT&T Bell Labs "The Design of Uni-polar Binary Codes for Code-division Multiple-access Communications with Applications in Optical and Wireless Systems"
4/27/95 X. Chen, AT&T Bell Labs "ATM Congestion and Flow Control"
5/1/95 Vincent Poor, Princeton University "Maximum Entropy and Robust Prediction on a Simplex"
7/19/95 Jorg Liebeherr, Virginia University "VBR Video Networks with Deterministic Quality-of-Service Constraints"
9/27/95Nader Mir"Performance Analysis of an ATM Local Computer Network"
10/10/95Hongya Ge"Multi-Shot Approaches to Multiuser Separation and Detection in Asynchronous CDMA Systems"
10/25/95William E. Stephens"155.52 Mb/s Data Transmission on Data Grade Unshielded Description of Signals"
12/13/95Laurie B. Nelson"Examining the Capacity of Cellular CDMA with Multiuser Detection." CANCELED
12/13/95Election"Feedback session seeking opinions from audience, and Election for next year's officials."