Imran's Web Page

Hello, everyone my name is Imran Uddin. I am from Bangladesh. I have recently come to the United Staes. I am Majoring in Information Technology security at New Jersey Institution of Technology. I have recently been transferred from Essex County College, with a major in Computer Information System. This is My first semester here at New Jersey Institution of Technology(NJIT) as a transferred student. I am really grateful to be here at NJIT, It was one of my dreams to study at NJIT. I am very thankful to God for giving me the ability to study here at NJIT. I want to graduate from NJIT with Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

It is my goal to keep my GPA high when I graduate from NJIT. NJIT is a diverse university, where students from around country as well as around world come to study here at NJIT. Although It is my first semester here at NJIT, I love being here, because NJIT is very challenging schools. I am learning a lot of stuff about computer hardware and software. I am also learning about HTML, where I can make my one web pages such as I made this complete web page all by myself.