Physics 121 Homework Solutions from Spring 2013

 Solutions to assignments in "WebAssign" for use as practice problems.  
 Your own assignments have randomized
values of the variables, so the
 numerically correct answers will differ from those below.

  The  files are in pdf or powerpoint format. 

   HW01:      Introduction, Vectors and Fields
   HW02:      Electric Charge and Force
   HW03:      Electric Field
   HW04:      Gauss's Law
   HW05:      Electric Potential
   HW06:      Capacitance
   HW07:      Current and Resistance
   HW08:      DC Circuits, RC Circuits

   HW09:      Magnetic Field
   HW10:      Sources of Magnetic Fields (Currents)
   HW11:      Faraday's Law of Induction
   HW12:      Inductance & RL Circuits
   HW13:      LCR Circuits, AC Circuits

HW14:      LCR Circuits, AC Circuits