Physics 121 Lectures (Janow):

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Those lectures that have not been covered in class are drafts and may change.

    Lecture01:  Introduction, Vectors, Scalar and Vector Fields
   Lecture02:  Charge, Coulombs Force Law

   Lecture03:  Electric Field  
    Lecture04:  Gauss's Law

   Lecture05:  Electric Potential 
   Lecture06:  Capacitance 
   Lecture07:  Current, Resistance, DC Circuits, Kirchhoff's Rules
   Lecture08:  Multi-Loop and RC Circuits)

   Lecture09:  Magnetic Field
   Lecture10:  Sources of Magnetic Fields (Currents)  
   Lecture11:  Faraday's Law of Induction

   Lecture12:  Inductance, RL Circuits 
   Lecture13:  LC & LCR Circuits, EM Oscillations 
   Lecture14:  AC Circuits , Resonance
   Lecture14E (for ECE classes only)
   Extra Lecture 15E: AC Circuits using Complex Exponentials