Physics 121 Policy for Make-up Exams, Quizzes, Homework

Common Exams:  In general, students who miss a common exam must present a valid excuse to their instructors within 7 working days of the exam, otherwise they will receive a score of zero for that exam.  Students that accumulate two common exam zeros automatically fail the course.  "Make-up" common exams will not be given in general, except for rare situations (including conflicts with some classes)  that are documented to and approved by BOTH the instructor and the Dean of Students [(973) 596-3466]. 

Students who know in advance that they will have to miss a common exam should discuss their situation with their instructor PRIOR to the absence.  In order to qualify for a "make-up" common exam a student must present documentation for not being able to take the test as scheduled.  The standard NJIT policy requires this documentation to be presented to the studentís Physics 121 instructor AND to the Dean of Students - (973) 596-3466.  BOTH the Physics 121 instructor and the Dean of Students must concur in permitting a "make-up" common exam. Students who miss common exams and who do not present documentation with 7 days of the common exam will receive a score of zero for the common exam. 

A make-up common quiz may not be offered (instructor's discretion) even for an excused absence; instead, a grade for the missed exam may be simulated using the relevant parts of the final exam and/or other common exams. 

Final Exam: A standard NJIT policy governs missed final exams.  In order to get an incomplete grade (I) and qualify for a make-up final exam, a student should have met all the course requirements with at least a C average for the part of the semesterís work that is complete.  Requests to take a final exam at a time other than the one assigned by the Registrar result from rare situations where exam times conflict.  Students with such problems should contact their instructor and/or the Dean of Students immediately and present documented explanations of the conflict.

In-class Quizzes and iClicker scores:  There are no make-up exams for in-class quizzes.  Students missing an in-class quiz receive a grade of zero for that quiz. The quizzes are intended to assess students' study habits on new concepts and to help them stay in step with the flow of the course.  A make-up exam gives those students taking it an unfair advantage since it will give them extra time to study.  iCicker scores are intended to measure students' engagement.

Homework assignments:  Homework assignments must be submitted to the automated homework system by the assigned date.  Paper copies will NOT be accepted.  Late homework will generally not be accepted.  Homework counts as part of each student's term average, with missed assignments producing zeros that become part of the term average.


Rev: June 2019