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Physics 121 - Spring 2020
Sections 002, 004, 010, 012

Generic Web Site from Spring 2020 Term

Spring 2020 Course Syllabus - ORIGINAL Version
(See page 4 for schedule - still in effect)
(Contains course rules, class & assignments schedule)
Syllabus Amendment for COVID-19 - Virtual Classes
Expanded Instructions during COVID-19 

WEBEX addresses and Online Class Schedule (2 weeks)

Welcome email to students

Policy on Missed Exams and Assignments


Primary textbook: “University Physics”, 13th Edition, authors Young & Freedman (Pearson 2012). 

We use only Chapters 21 to 31 in this course; any version of the 13th edition containing Chapters 21 - 31 is OK.  Fall 2020 will use 15th edition.

On-line Homework: Unaffected by COVID-19 Measures


The Mastering Physics Course Identifier Codes for  Prof. Janow's sections of Physics 121 are:

          MPRHJ121002SP20   for section 002
          MPRHJ121004SP20   for section 004
          MPRHJ121010SP20   for Section 010                              
          MPRHJ121012SP20   for Section 012

Be sure to enroll in the correct section.

ONLINE TUTORING STARTS MARCH 27 - click for details

Student enrollment is ON           
 Homework is usually due about a week after the corresponding lecture.

       Homework Assignment Due Dates

We will be using a classroom response system called “iClickers”. 

                    iClicker Instructions

    Review Session Schedule for Spring 2020
Exam 1: Wednesday, 2/19 from 02:30 - 04:00 PM, Room TLH-2 (Janow)
                            Wednesday, 2/19 from 08:30 - 10:00 AM, Room Kupf-118 (Federici)
                            Thursday, 2/20 from 01:00 - 02:30 PM, Room Kupf-210 (Federici)
                            Friday, 2/21 from 11:30 to 1:00 PM, Room TLH-2 (Instructor SPS)

Exam 2/3 on April 13: See Review page below for Common Exam 2/3
              Final Exam: See link to Final Exam Review Materials Page below


            Lecture Slides (updated weekly)
               Solved Recitation Problems (2008 vintage)  

  Solved Homework Problems from 2013 (for practice)
Physics 2 (121) Cumulative Formula Sheet for Exams
                Physics 1 (111) Cumulative Formula Sheet for Exams
                Physics 2 Summaries - One Page per Lecture 
                Review Material on Vectors


                Physics Department's Common and Final Exams Page
Review Materials - Common Exam 1
                Common Exam 1 Grades
      Review Materials - Common Exam 2
                Review Materials - Common Exam 3 
    Common Exam 2/3 Grades
                Final Exam Review Materials
Final Grades